Pseudabdounia recticona (Winkler, 1874),

Ebersole, Jun A., Cicimurri, David J. & Stringer, Gary L., 2019, Taxonomy and biostratigraphy of the elasmobranchs and bony fishes (Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes) of the lower-to-middle Eocene (Ypresian to Bartonian) Claiborne Group in Alabama, USA, inclu, European Journal of Taxonomy 585, pp. 1-274: 90-91

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Pseudabdounia recticona (Winkler, 1874)

gen. et comb. nov.

Pseudabdounia recticona (Winkler, 1874)  gen. et comb. nov.

Fig. 32View Fig S–JJ

Galeocerdo recticonus Winkler, 1874a: 26  .

Galeus recticonus – Leriche 1905: 135  , pl. 8, figs 44–53.

Eugaleus recticonus – Casier 1950: 18  , pl. 2, fig. 9.

Galeorhinus recticonus – Von der Hocht 1979: 40  .

Abdounia recticonus – Cappetta 1980a: 37  .

Abdounia recticona – Ward & Wiest 1990: 84  .

Material examined

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Alabama • 168 isolated teeth; Claiborne Group ; ANSP 23414View Materials, GSA-V694, GSA-V703, MMNS VP-8213 (2 specimens), MSC 34405.4, MSC 35767.1 5, MSC 37115.1 3, MSC 37138, MSC 37155, MSC 37160, MSC 37167.1 4, MSC 37193View Materials, MSC 37318.1, MSC 37318.3, MSC 37629.1 5, MSC 37634.1 22, MSC 37635.1, MSC 37647View Materials, MSC 37665.1 3, MSC 37679.1 2, MSC 37680.1 3, MSC 38286View Materials, MSC 38287.1 2, MSC 38831, MSC 38970, NJSM 24025View Materials (3 specimens), SC 2012.47.164 (28 specimens), SC 2012.47.178, SC 2012.47.46, SC 2012.47.47, SC 2012.47.48 (27 specimens), WSU 5016View Materials, WSU 5018View Materials, WSU 5042View Materials (30 specimens), WSU CC 506View Materials (3 specimens), WSU CC 507View Materials (2 specimens), WSU CC 508View Materials, WSU CC 509.1View Materials, WSU CC 509.2View Materials, WSU CC 832.2View Materials  .


Anterior teeth somewhat taller than wide; lateral teeth mesiodistally wider than tall. Teeth with broadly triangular crown; large, triangular main cusp. Main cusp on anterior teeth erect, flanked by two pairs of cusplets. Main cusp distally inclined on lateral teeth, flanked by three-to-four cusplets; distal side often with one more cusplet than mesial side. Cusplets large compared to overall size of main cusp; triangular, divergent, decreasing in size towards the crown foot; terminal cusplet can be difficult to distinguish from preceding cusplet. Cutting edges on main cusp nearly straight on anterior teeth, more convex on lateral teeth; all cutting edges smooth and continuous. Labial crown face flat; lingual face concave; crown enameloid is smooth. Root bilobate with short, pointed to rounded, diverging lobes. Lingual attachment surface flat, bisected by deep nutritive groove.


The teeth of Pseudabdounia recticona  gen. et comb. nov. have two-to-four pairs of lateral cusplets, distinguishing them from those of Abdounia enniskilleni  and Abdounia minutissima  , which have only a single pair. Teeth of Pseudabdounia claibornensis  gen. et comb. nov. have four-to-eight pairs of cusplets. Although the anterior teeth of A. beaugei  only have a single pair of lateral cusplets, the lateral teeth have two pairs. These lateral teeth differ from those of P. recticona  gen. et comb. nov. by having lateral cusplets that are more separated from the main cusp. In contrast, the cusplets on the lateral teeth of P. recticona  gen. et comb. nov. are joined to the main cusp and the teeth are more broadly triangular in outline.

Stratigraphic and geographic range in Alabama

The specimens in our sample were collected from the lower Tallahatta Formation at site ADl-1, the Tallahatta Formation at site AMo-8, the contact of the Tallahatta and Lisbon formations at sites ACh- 14, ACov-11, and ACon-6, the basal Lisbon Formation at site ACov-11, and the contact of the Lisbon Formation and Gosport Sand at site AMo-4. Upper Ypresian to middle Bartonian, zones NP14 to NP17.














Pseudabdounia recticona (Winkler, 1874)

Ebersole, Jun A., Cicimurri, David J. & Stringer, Gary L. 2019

Galeocerdo recticonus

Winkler T. C. 1874: 26

Galeus recticonus –

Leriche M. 1905: 135

Eugaleus recticonus –

Casier E. 1950: 18

Galeorhinus recticonus –

Von der Hocht F. 1979: 40

Abdounia recticonus –

Cappetta H. 1980: 37

Abdounia recticona – Ward & Wiest 1990: 84

Ward D. J. & Wiest R. L. 1990: 84