Philomedes cf. heptathrix

Chavtur, Vladimir G. & Keyser, Dietmar, 2016, Benthic myodocopid Ostracoda (Philomedidae) from the Southern Ocean, Zootaxa 4141 (1), pp. 1-70: 45

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Philomedes cf. heptathrix


Philomedes cf. heptathrix 

( Figs. 24View FIGURE 24 H; 25 C, D, G, H; 26 A, B)

Studied material (coordinates, depth and sediment see Appendix). RV “Polarstern”, ANT XV/3 station 148: adult female or A-1 female (1.77 mm).

Description of adult female (or A- 1 female) ( Fig. 24View FIGURE 24 H). Length 1.77 mm.

Second antenna ( Fig. 25View FIGURE 25 H). Endopodite: first joint only with 1 distal seta.

Mandible ( Fig. 26View FIGURE 26 A, B). Basale: dorsal margin with 7 setae, 5 near middle and 2 subterminal; lateral surface with 5 setae; ventral margin with 3 distal setae.

Sixth limb. Epipodial appendage with 3–4 setae.

Seventh limb. Each limb with 11 setae, 5 (2+3) in distal group and 6 (3+3) in proximal group; each seta with 3– 5 bells. Terminal comb with 13 alate teeth; 2 pegs present on opposite comb.

Caudal furca. Limb with 9+10 claws.

Remarks. Carapace and limbs are similar to Kornicker’s and our specimens of P. heptathrix  . It differs in the following: first endopodial joint of second antenna only with 1 distal seta.