Chavtur, Vladimir G. & Keyser, Dietmar, 2016, Benthic myodocopid Ostracoda (Philomedidae) from the Southern Ocean, Zootaxa 4141 (1), pp. 1-70: 65

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Philomedes  spp. indet.

Material studied (coordinates, depth and bottom see Appendix). 13 th Soviet (Russian) Antarctic Expedition station 3, samples 2 and 3: 2 juveniles. 

Station 30, sample 68: juvenile.

16 th Soviet (Russian) Antarctic Expedition Davis Sea, Haswell Island: juvenile.

52 th Russian Antarctic Expedition, Prydz Bay, station 12, sample 64: juvenile.

Bathymetrical distribution. The Antarctic shelf is inhabited by 9 philomedid species: P. c h a rc o t i, P. orbicularis  , P. assimilis  , S. gallardoi  (all from 10–15 m and deeper), P. rotunda  , A. dithrix  , S. appelloefi  (all from 60–70 m), S. tuberculata  sp. nov. and P. heptathrix  (both from 200–250 m) ( Fig. 41View FIGURE 41). The lower depth limit for P. charcoti  and A. dithrix  is 100–150 m and 200–250 m for P. rotunda  and S. appelloefi  . The lower part of the shelf is inhabited by P. orbicularis  , P. assimilis  , P. heptathrix  , S. gallerdoi  and S. tuberculata  . In the bathyal zone are found P. assimilis  , P. tetrathrix  , S. gallardoi  and S. tuberculata  , while the only philomedid species currently known from the abyssal zone are P. tetrathrix  and I. walleni  .