Relictanum schwarzi ( Curran, 1939 )

Miranda, Gil Felipe Gonçalves, Marshall, Stephen A. & Skevington, Jeffrey H., 2014, Revision of the genus Pelecinobaccha Shannon, description of Relictanum gen. nov., and redescription of Atylobaccha flukiella (Curran, 1941) (Diptera: Syrphidae), Zootaxa 3819 (1), pp. 1-154: 96-97

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Relictanum schwarzi ( Curran, 1939 )

comb. nov.

Relictanum schwarzi ( Curran, 1939)  comb. nov.

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Baccha schwarzi Curran, 1939  . Curran, 1939: 9. Type locality: Colombia, Western Cordillera, Cali Dist. Holotype male AMNHAbout AMNH. Hull, 1949 a: 214 (fig. 111, male abdomen), 278 (fig. 375, male wing).

Ocyptamus schwarzi  . Thompson et al., 1976: 27 (catalog citation).

Male. Head: Black. Face narrow, almost straight dorsal to tubercle, pale on lateral 1 / 6, white pilose, black ventral to antennal base. Lunule black, pale dorsal to antennal insertions, central black macula narrow and tapering ventrally. Frontal triangle black, dull gray pollinose and divided medially by narrow bare vitta, white-silver pollen continuous from face and restricted to lateral margin almost until eye contiguity, with a few white pile dorsomedially, frontal prominence slightly protuberant. Vertical triangle with 1 median row of pile; ocellar triangle ~ 1.5 times its length from posterior eye margin. Eye contiguity slightly longer than vertical triangle length. Eye with posterior indentation at level of antennal insertion. Antennal insertions confluent. Occiput entirely covered with white pollen, pollen sparse on dorsal ⅓; dorsal ⅓ with 1 row of scale-like white pile; middle ⅓ with a posterior row of long scale-like white pile and with 1–2 anterior rows of mostly shorter simple black pile that become scale-like and white ventrally; ventral ⅓ with 2 rows of scale-like white pile.

Thorax: Scutum black, dull brown-pollinose, with a sub-median antero-postero pair of vittae of differently oriented pollen, visible from a posterior angle; scutum white pilose, except sometimes with brown to black pile medially, always with black pile postero-laterally to transverse suture, and with anterior continuous row of longer shining white pile. Scutellum black, with long white pile, subscutellar fringe pile long and white. Pleuron black and with white pile, except sometimes with a few black pile dorsally on posterior ½ of posterior anepisternum. Plumula white. Calypter white, fringe sometimes darker. Halter white to light yellow, capitulum sometimes light orange.

Wing: Entirely hyaline to light brown, stigma slightly darker, bare on cell bc and basal ¼ of c; alula hyaline to light brown, large, basally 1.8 times to apically 3.8 times larger as broad as c cell, entirely microtrichose.

Legs: Dark brown. Profemur apical ¼ brown, apex pale, protibia basal ¼ and apex pale. Apex of mesofemur, and basal 2 / 5 and apex of mesotibia pale. Base and apex of metafemur, and basal ¼ of metatibia pale; mainly white pilose on metacoxae and metatrochanters.

Abdomen: Dark brown; about 2.8 times as long as thorax. First tergite mainly white pilose, with black pile baso-laterally. Second tergite long, length 2.6 times minimum width, and with central trapezoidal macula of dull black pollen; 2 nd tergite mainly with appressed pile, except erect laterally and on basal ¼, and mainly black, except white on basal ¼ and baso-lateral ¾. Third tergite trapezoidal, length 1.8 times minimum width, sometimes pale on baso-lateral ½, with pair of central short vittate pale maculae; with large central triangular macula of dull black pollen; 3 rd tergite with mainly appressed and black pile but with shining pile apically, better viewed from a dorsoanterior angle, and pile longer and erect on baso-lateral ⅔; 3 rd sternite trapezoidal narrow. Fourth tergite subquadrate, slightly wider than long, with pair of central long and pale vittate maculae; 4 th tergite with dull pollinose macula, which is sometimes longitudinally divided, and erect white pile on baso-lateral ½; remaining characteristics as on 3 rd. Fifth tergite rectangular and wide, with a central pair of short to medium-sized pale vittate maculae, and with 3 median vittae of dull black pollen; pile entirely appressed and black. Genitalia: Cercus with 1 row of pile on medial margin and 3 rows on lateral margin. Surstylus sub-quadrate in lateral view, apical corner slightly extended, directed ventrally, with weak setulae ventrally on apico-posterior margin and baso-anterior corner, and longer setulae on apico-anterior ⅓ (around 40), pilose on baso-dorsal ⅓. Subepandrial sclerite rectangular and wide, posterior margin lateral corners extended, homogenously sclerotized. Hypandrium flattened, ventral notch extending to anterior 3 / 5, with distinct ventral pile subapically. Phallapodeme well sclerotized medially throughout. Distiphallus short, weakly sclerotized, anterior surface straight. Postgonite narrow and long, slightly dorsally curved on rounded apex, with acute subapical dorsal extremity, ventral surface slightly convex and dorsal surface slightly concave, with distinct pile baso-ventrally.

Female: Like male except: Face and frons entirely white pilose. Frons narrow and without pollen medially, lateral white pollen reaching ocellar triangle. Vertex very narrow; ocellar triangle ~ 2.5 times its length from posterior eye margin and adjacent to lateral eye margin. Occiput pilosity entirely scale-like and white. Scutum and pleuron entirely white pilose. Wing bare on bc, basal ¼ of c, basal ½ of r, basal ½ of bm and sometimes on base of cu p. Basal 2 / 5 to 3 / 5 of protibia pale. Basal 3 / 5 of mesotibia pale. Basal ⅓ of metatibia pale. First tergite entirely white pilose. Second tergite lateral pile white. Third tergite shorter, slightly longer than smallest width, pale on basolateral ⅔ of its margin, sometimes pale region extended medially as transversal fasciate macula; dull pollen restricted to a median arcuate fascia. Fourth tergite rectangular and wide; dull pollinose region reduced. Sixth segment short, 2.1 times shorter than 5 th segment. Genitalia: 7 th tergite rectangular, with slightly concave posterior margin, with pile on apical ½; 7 th sternite absent, with extensive membranous region, greater than the dorsal distance between the 6 th and 8 th segments. Eighth tergite short, notched anteriorly and slightly concave on posterior margin; 8 th sternite unsclerotized longitudinally and medially. Tenth tergite notched anteriorly and with a convex posterior margin, with slender baso-lateral extensions; 10 th sternite reduced to triangular sclerite. Cercus basally fused to lateral margin of 10 th tergite, with setulae directed basally on dorsum.

Length. 5–7.5mm; wing 4–6mm.

Distribution. Colombia (Cali), Costa Rica (Alajuela, Guanacaste, Puntarenas), Peru (Junín).

Material examined. COSTA RICA. Alajuela, C. La Lana, San Ramón, 1200m., L_N_ 221750 _ 481050, #45327, 17 Jan 1997, M. A. Zumbado & F. C. Thompson (2 ♂, INBIO CRIAbout CRI 002 499640 & ... 645); … R. Jesus, # 45477, Jan 1997, G. Carballo (1 ♂, INBIO CRIAbout CRI 002 490937); Guanacaste, Macizo Miravalles, Estación Cabro Muco, 1100m., Libre, L_N_ 299769 _ 411243, #74550, 20 Jun– 8 Jul 2003, J. D. Guitérrez (1 ♂, INB0003740230 INBIOCRI COSTA RICA); Puntarenas, Camino a San Luis, 1300m., L_N_ 252800 _ 447100, #46352, 28 Mar 1997, M. A. Zumbado (1 ♂, INBIO CRIAbout CRI 002 563929); ... Coto Brus, Zona Prot Las Tablas, Cerro Pelón, 1520m., Manual (red. libre), L_S_ 319700 _ 596300, #56441, 28 Mar 2000, M. Alfaro (1 ♂, INB0003077815 INBIOCRI COSTA RICA); ..., Finca Cafrosa, Tajo, 1 Km O. del Tajo, 1500m., L_S_ 319350 _ 596470, #48872, 17 Oct 1997, E. Navarro (1 ♀, INBIO CRIAbout CRI 002 409017); ..., r. Priv. Karen Mongensen, Send. El Viejo Nispero, 315m., Libre (aguamiel), L_N_ 205600 _ 420300, #74547, 3 Jul 2003, Y. Cardenas (1 ♂, INB0003739529 INBIOCRI COSTA RICA); ... Send. Fila Palmital Chiquiza, 4.5 Km NE de Progresso, 1600m., L_S_ 319700 _ 598950, #50850, 1 Jul 1998, B. Gamboa (1 ♂, INB0003046416 INBIOCRI COSTA RICA); ..., Tajo, 1 Km. O. del Tajo, 1480m., L_S_ 319350 _ 596470, #51680, 30 Aug 1998, B. Gamboa (1 ♀, INB0003018463 INBIOCRI COSTA RICA), …L_S_ 319350 _ 596470, #51682, 3 Sep 1998 (1 ♀, INB0003018520 INBIOCRI COSTA RICA). PERU. Junín, Pampa Hermosa lodge, 22km N of San Ramon, 10 ° 59 ' 18 ''S, 75 ° 25 ' 30 ''W, 1220m, F.I.T., 24–27 Nov 2007, D.Brzoska (1 ♀, DEBUAbout DEBU 00319415).

Comments. F.C. Thompson’s ‘ Ocyptamus  CR- 37 ’ keys out to this species.


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Relictanum schwarzi ( Curran, 1939 )

Miranda, Gil Felipe Gonçalves, Marshall, Stephen A. & Skevington, Jeffrey H. 2014


Ocyptamus schwarzi

Thompson 1976: 27