Atylobaccha Hull, 1949

Miranda, Gil Felipe Gonçalves, Marshall, Stephen A. & Skevington, Jeffrey H., 2014, Revision of the genus Pelecinobaccha Shannon, description of Relictanum gen. nov., and redescription of Atylobaccha flukiella (Curran, 1941) (Diptera: Syrphidae), Zootaxa 3819 (1), pp. 1-154: 7

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Atylobaccha Hull, 1949


Genus Atylobaccha Hull, 1949 

Atylobaccha Hull, 1949 a: 94  [type species Baccha flukiella Curran, 1941  (original designation)]. Proposed as a subgenus of Leucopodella  .

Diagnosis. Head. Face very narrow (around ¼ of head width) and entirely dark; tubercle very weak, face convex in profile ( Fig. 1 View Figure a). Frons narrow (between ¼ and ⅓ of head width). Antennal insertions confluent. Female ocellar triangle adjacent to lateral eye margin. Dorsal occiput with 1 row of pile (as in Fig. 45 b View Figure ). Thorax. Scutum entirely dark with anterior row of longer pile, anterior row with shorter pile medially. Scutellum entirely dark. Anterior anepisternum pilose. Katatergite with short microtrichia giving the sclerite a ‘velvet’ appearance. Metaepisternum bare. Metasternum bare. Dorsal lobe of calypter with marginal pile shorter than ventral lobe pile. Metabasitarsomere dark but with apex pale. Wing. Alula width ~ 3 times as broad as c cell. Wing hyaline to light brown, entirely microtrichose. Abdomen. Abdomen petiolate with 2 nd segment very narrow and long (similar to Fig. 44 View Figure g); 3 rd and 4 th abdominal tergites with central pair of short pale vittae and sub-basal lateral pair of pale fasciate maculae. Genitalia. Female 7 th tergite rectangular and wide ( Fig. 1 View Figure c); 8 th tergite rectangular and wide with basal and apical margin shallowly concave ( Fig. 1 View Figure c); 10 th tergite reduced to a pair of quadrate sclerites with narrow baso-lateral projections; cercus without dorsal setulae ( Fig. 1 View Figure c). Male subepandrial sclerite rectangular, wide and short, with baso-lateral corners slightly extended and acute; surstylus short and almost oval ( Fig. 1 View Figure e); basiphallus teardrop-shaped ( Fig. 1 View Figure d), distiphallus membranous but with dorsal sclerotized triangular region.

Included species. A. flukiella ( Curran, 1941)  .

Notes. Atylobaccha  currently includes only the species A. flukiella ( Curran, 1941)  . Hull (1949 a) described Atylobaccha  as a subgenus of Leucopodella  for the “quite small peculiar species, flukiella Curran  , with its hyaline wings and simple femora”. Hull (1949 a) treated Atylobaccha  as a separate genus in his key (p. 102), although earlier in the same paper (p. 94) he explicitly stated that it should be regarded as a subgenus of Leucopodella  .












Atylobaccha Hull, 1949

Miranda, Gil Felipe Gonçalves, Marshall, Stephen A. & Skevington, Jeffrey H. 2014



Hull 1949: 94