Euconnus (Cladoconnus) winneguthi Apfelbeck

Hlaváč, Peter & Stevanović, Miroslav, 2013, A review of the subgenus Cladoconnus Reitter of the genus Euconnus Thomson (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae) from the Balkan Peninsula, Turkey and Caucasus, Zootaxa 3646 (4), pp. 401-425 : 422-423

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Euconnus (Cladoconnus) winneguthi Apfelbeck


Euconnus (Cladoconnus) winneguthi Apfelbeck

( Figs. 39–40 View FIGURES 39 – 40. 39 )

Euconnus (s.str.) winneguthi Apfelbeck, 1907: 516 . Type locality: Albanien. Gebirge bei Oroshi (Mal i Shêit) and also Dulcigno [Ulcinj] ( Montenegro).

Euconnus (Cladoconnus) winneguthi Apfelbeck : Franz, 1971a: 83, Fig. 17 View FIGURES 15 – 22. 15 ; Karaman, 1974: 138, Figs. 22, 22 View FIGURES 15 – 22. 15 a.

Material examined (18 3, 3 Ƥ): LECTOTYPE, 1 3, here designated: MONTENEGRO: white label (p) Wngth., Dulcigno [Ulcinj] / white label (h) Wineguthi Apf. n.sp. Typ. / white label with red margins (p) red ink Typus (h) black ink 1907, Euconnus Winneguthi Apfb. / red label (p) LECTOTYPE Euconnus sbg. Cladoconnus winneguthi Apfelbeck, Hlaváč & Stevanoviċ des., 2010. (HNHM). Additional material (17 3, 3 Ƥ): ALBANIA: 1 3: Miloti, Matzenauer. (HNHM). 1 3, 2 Ƥ: Albania [1] Tiranë, Mali Dajti, 1160m, 41o21’47’’N, 19o54’50’’E, 21.V.2010, leg. M. Schülke. (MSBG). MONTENEGRO: 1 3: Zelenika, Dalmatia, Gerger. (MSNS). 1 3: Tivat, Stoliv, 10.vii.2008, lgt. Stevanoviċ. (PHKS). 1 3: Orjen Mts., Jasenov Do env., Jasenovska jama (abyss), 980m, (- 125m), 15.ix.2004, prosev [sifting], R. Mlejnek lgt. (PHKS). 2 3: Orjen Mts., Jasenov Do env., 980m, Jasenovska jama (abyss), 26.vii.2004, Mlejnek lgt., depth = 120m. (PHKS). MACEDONIA: 1 3: Jugoslavija, Openica, Ochrid, 26.v.1978, leg. Muhle. (HMGG). 1 3: Mts. Pelister, Kopanki Hut, 1575m,, R. Bekchiev. (PHKS). GREECE: 2 3: Region Thessalien, Provinz Larissa, Mont Ossa, 400m, 6–, leg. I. Wolf. (HMGG). 1 3, 1 Ƥ: Thessalia, Bez. Larissa, Umg. Stomio, Nordhänge Mt. Ossa, 400m, 2–23.v.1987, leg. Brachat. (HMGG). 1 3: Makedonia Bez.: Pieria, 28/ 29.v.1998, Leg. Brachat. (HMGG). 1 3: Makedonia, Pieria, Geb. Oberh Katafygi, 1900–2000m, Blockhalde Streu, Moos, 9.v.1998, P. Wunderle. (HMGG). 1 3: Makedonia, Pieria Ori, 650–1000m, above Skotina, litter, 40°12'N 22°10–14'E, 9.iv.1998, V. Assing. (HMGG). 1 3: Makedonia, Smolikas Gebiet, Str. Eptahori-Pentalofon, ost. Passhöhe, Buchenwald,, leg. Brachat. (HMGG). 1 3: Epirus, 11 km SW Metsovo, N. Mega Peristeri, 30.09. 2007, 593m, 39°44'11''N, 21°03'23''E, Quercus ilex , leg. Behne. (PHKS).

Lectotype designation: Redescription of this species given below is based on one specimen deposited in HMNH having a status of syntype. Apfelbeck (1907) did not mention the number of specimens, but because he mentioned two localities, it is obvious that he had to have at least two specimens. One male from Dulcigno [Ulcinj], Montenegro is here designated lectotype, in order to ensure the stability of nomenclature and provide a unique name-bearing type for Euconnus (Cladoconnus) winneguthi .

Description: Body shiny reddish-brown, body length 2.00– 2.15 mm, body width 0.90–1.05 mm; with long, golden pubescence, sparse on elytra, erect on sides of pronotum and posterior part of head. Head slightly wider than long, tempora evenly convergent posteriorly; eyes protuberant; supra-antennal tubercles weakly protuberant. Antennae ( Fig. 39 View FIGURES 39 – 40. 39 ) 1.18–1.28 mm long; antennomeres III–IV subequal in length and width; V subspherical; antennomeres VI–VII transverse, VII slightly longer and wider than VI; antennomere VIII about 1.60 times as long as wide, more than 2.60 times longer than VII and same length as IX; terminal antennomere 1.90 times as long as wide and about 1.75 times as long as X. Pronotum 1.20–1.30 times as long as wide. Elytra about 1.30–1.40 times as long as wide, sutural striae reaching basal fourth of elytral length. Aedeagus 0.53 mm in length, as in Fig. 40 View FIGURES 39 – 40. 39 .

Distribution: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro.

Differential diagnosis: Euconnus winneguthi differs from other species of the denticornis group by large body size, 2.00– 2.15 mm long, by antennomere VII subquadrate and antennomeres VIII and IX 1.60 times as long as wide.













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