Euconnus (Cladoconnus) pulcher Reitter

Hlaváč, Peter & Stevanović, Miroslav, 2013, A review of the subgenus Cladoconnus Reitter of the genus Euconnus Thomson (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae) from the Balkan Peninsula, Turkey and Caucasus, Zootaxa 3646 (4), pp. 401-425: 412

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Euconnus (Cladoconnus) pulcher Reitter


Euconnus (Cladoconnus) pulcher Reitter  

Euconnus pulcher Reitter, 1884: 53   . Type locality: Kumani [Koúmanis, 37 ° 48 'N, 21 ° 45 'E].

Material examined: none, type material was not found in the collection of HNHM where the Reitter collection is deposited.

Description (extract from the original description): Body red to nut-brown, 2 mm long. Antennal club (Karaman, 1974: 13, Fig. 23 View FIGURES 23 – 30. 23 ) four-segmented, antennomere VIII as long as wide, IX slightly longer than wide, X 1.2 times as long as wide.

Distribution: Greece (western Pelopónnisos).

Differential diagnosis: See differential diagnosis for E. goerzensis   .