Euconnus (Cladoconnus) pararobustus Franz

Hlaváč, Peter & Stevanović, Miroslav, 2013, A review of the subgenus Cladoconnus Reitter of the genus Euconnus Thomson (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae) from the Balkan Peninsula, Turkey and Caucasus, Zootaxa 3646 (4), pp. 401-425: 412

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Euconnus (Cladoconnus) pararobustus Franz


Euconnus (Cladoconnus) pararobustus Franz  

Euconnus (Cladoconnus) pararobustus Franz, 1975: 34   . Type locality: Krasnaya Polyana in der Schwarz-Meer-Provinz [region of Black Sea].

Material examined: none, holotype is missing in the Franz’s collection which is deposited in NHMW.

Description (translated from the original description): Body dark reddish-brown, with fine, yellowish pubescence, on side of pronotum pubescence yellowish-brown, body length 1.50 mm, body width about 0.70 mm. Head about as long as wide, oval; eyes not protuberant; supra-antennal tubercles indistinct. Antennae when bent backwards barely exceeding base of pronotum. Pronotum as long as wide. Elytra slightly longer than in E. robustus   , otherwise similar. Legs as in E. robustus   . Aedeagus as in Fig. 14 View FIGURES 7 – 14. 7 (Franz, 1975), similar to that of E. robustus   but stouter; internal sac with long sickle-shaped structure and without additional long spine; parameres each with 3 apical setae.

Distribution: Russia (western Caucasus).

Differential diagnosis: Euconnus pararobustus   differs from other species of schlosseri   group by very small body, 1.50 mm long and antennomere X less than twice as wide as long. According to the original description, E. pararobustus   is similar to E. robustus   in the structure of antennae, but it differs from the later in having the head almost round, by smaller body and by different structure of the aedeagus (Franz, 1975: 53, Fig. 14 View FIGURES 7 – 14. 7 ).