Kanakaster larae Mah 2017

Mah, Christopher L., 2018, New genera, species and occurrence records of Goniasteridae (Asteroidea; Echinodermata) from the Indian Ocean, Zootaxa 4539 (1), pp. 1-116: 47-48

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Kanakaster larae Mah 2017


Kanakaster larae Mah 2017 

Figure 17A, BView FIGURE 17

Mah 2017: 32

Diagnosis. Weakly stellate/pentagonal body form ( Fig. 17AView FIGURE 17). Bare patches on the superomarginal plates absent. Body surface completely covered by soft granular tegument with no bare spots on marginal plates. When underlying tegument has been removed, abactinal and marginal surface with glassy nodules (also called embossed crystalline bodies). Fifteen to sixteen marginal plates present per interradius (arm tip to arm tip) (but see comments below).

Comments. Although smaller than the holotype of Kanakaster larae  , this specimen shows the distinctive tegument, the wide superomarginal and inferomarginal plates and the numerous crystalline tubercles present in the abactinal, marginal and actinal plates below the tegument. It also possesses three furrow spines associated with each adambulacral plate. The abactinal plates are round and polygonal as they are in the holotype.

The biggest differences between the two specimens are size-related. The specimen herein has only six marginal plates per interradius (arm tip to arm tip) ( Fig. 17A, BView FIGURE 17) whereas the holotype had approximately 16 per interradius. But holotype was also substantially larger (R=3.2) than the specimen herein (R=1.5) suggesting that this could be a growth-related character.

This represents the second recorded occurrence of this species.

Occurrence. Port Edward, South Africa, Western Indian Ocean, NE of the Glorioso Islands, 120– 301 m. This individual was from a sample with a sponge-dominated bottom.

Material Examined. IE-2013-17194, Western Indian Ocean , NE of the Glorioso Islands, 11 ° 29 'S, 47 ° 29' E to 11 ° 30 'S, 47 ° 29' E, 293–301 m. CollGoogleMaps  . DW 4809, Jan 25, 2017. 1 wet spec. R=1.5 r=1.0  .