Kanakaster Mah 2017

Mah, Christopher L., 2018, New genera, species and occurrence records of Goniasteridae (Asteroidea; Echinodermata) from the Indian Ocean, Zootaxa 4539 (1), pp. 1-116: 47

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Kanakaster Mah 2017


Kanakaster Mah 2017 

Mah 2017: 24

Diagnosis. Kanakaster  is characterized by the presence of crystalline nodules on the surface of the abactinal plates and on both marginal series below a coarse granular tegument covering the body surface. Three to four enlarged granules, relative to the other granules on the surface, are present around every papular pore. Weakly expressed to irregularly shaped bare patches present or absent on superomarginal plate surface ( Mah 2017).

Comments. A recently established genus, described as a member of the subfamily Ferdininae  (see Mah 2017). This subfamily includes several ophidiasterid-like Goniasteridae  displaying a continuous granular tegument, an absence of adambulacral accessories, a single serial row of furrow spines, and the presence of crystalline nodules on abactinal and marginal plates in several genera, including Kanakaster  .