Ruptitermes reconditus ( Silvestri 1901 )

Acioli, Agno Nonato Serrão & Constantino, Reginaldo, 2015, A taxonomic revision of the neotropical termite genus Ruptitermes (Isoptera, Termitidae, Apicotermitinae), Zootaxa 4032 (5), pp. 451-492 : 476-480

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4032.5.1

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Ruptitermes reconditus ( Silvestri 1901 )


Ruptitermes reconditus ( Silvestri 1901)

Anoplotermes reconditus Silvestri 1901: 8 (imago); Silvestri 1903: 101, 142 (imago, worker, text-fig. 34, plate-figs. 228–230). Termes (Eutermes) reconditus ; Desneux 1904: 44 (new combination)

Anoplotermes (Speculitermes) reconditus ; Holmgren 1912: 74 (new combination)

Speculitermes reconditus ; Snyder 1949: 110 (catalog; new combination)

Ruptitermes reconditus ; Mathews 1977: 100, 102 (new combination); Krishna et al. 2013 (catalog) Speculitermes proratus Emerson in Snyder 1949: 110, new synonym

Ruptitermes proratus ; Mathews 1977: 100 –101 (new combination); Krishna et al. 2013: 1408 –1409 (catalog, synonymy).

Imago ( Fig. 17 View FIGURE 17 ). Head capsule reddish brown, paler anteriorly, with many long bristles and densely covered with short hairs, about 1/5 of the length of bristles. Eyes rounded, relatively small. Fontanelle elliptical, small and white. Ocelli midsize, distant from eyes. Frontal marks rounded, small and faint. Postclypeus flattened, light brown, much paler than head capsule; with many bristles and dense short hairs. Antenna light brown, paler than postclypeus. Mandibles similar to those of R. xanthochiton . Pronotum about the same width as head capsule (without eyes); anterior margin concave; lateral margins slightly convex, converging posteriorly; light brown, paler than head capsule and darker than postclypeus, without pale spots on midline; with many bristles and dense short hairs.

Scutum and scutellum light brown, about the same color as pronotum; lateral margins of scutellum white. Pleural sclerites and coxae light brown; femur and tibia brownish yellow. Tergites light brown, paler than pronotum; sternites paler than tergites. Measurements in Table 1 View TABLE 1 .

Worker ( Figs 18 View FIGURE 18 , 19 View FIGURE 19 , 22 View FIGURE 22 L, 23A–E, 25G–H). Head capsule large and rounded, reddish brown, paler anteriorly, with about 20 long, thin and straight bristles. Postclypeus moderately inflated to strongly inflated, light brown, usually with one long bristle near the middle of each lobe, sometimes with a second one; anterior margin with two long bristles. Fontanelle small, elliptical, paler than head capsule; not depressed or elevated. Frontal marks rounded, a little lighter than posterior region of head capsule. Mandibles similar to those of R. xanthochiton , except that proximal margin of molar prominence is indented or concave. Thoracic nota light brown, paler than head capsule, with bristles on margins only. Procoxae with 5–6 spine-like bristles on anterior surface, arranged along a curved line ( Fig. 18 View FIGURE 18 C). Meso- and metacoxae without spine-like bristles. Profemur with two rows of long, thin and straight bristles on proximal half. Protibia not inflated, with two irregular rows of spine-like bristles along inner margin ( Fig. 18 View FIGURE 18 B). Tergites light brown, same color as thoracic nota, with a row of long bristles on posterior margin and sparse hairs of variable size on surface. Dehiscent glands large, filling up to 1/5 of the abdomen. Enteric valve unsclerotized; ridges short, weakly and irregularly reticulated with pentagonal or hexagonal cells; cells are larger near margins and become smaller towards middle ( Fig. 25 View FIGURE 25 G–H). Measurements in Table 2 View TABLE 2 .

Comparisons. The worker of R. reconditus can be recognized by the small and elliptical fontanelle, dark head, thorax and tergites, and the small number of bristles on head capsule. The molar prominence is usually divided by a conspicuous indentation, but it may also be concave and the indentation tends to disappear in worn mandibles.

Remarks. The name “ Speculitermes proratus ” became available in Snyder's (1949) catalog without any description, only with the indication of Holmgren's (1906: 607–608) description of “ Anoplotermes reconditus Silvestrii ”. The characters used to differentiate R. proratus from R. reconditus were not mentioned. The name “ proratus ” is probably derived from the Greek word “prora”, bow, combined with the Latin suffix “-atus”, meaning “arched”. This may to refer to the arched postclypeus, which is a little more prominent in Holmgren's specimens than in Silvestri's types. Both the holotype queen and the paratype workers of R. proratus fit well within the variation of R. reconditus . The paratype workers have the small elliptical fontanelle typical of R. reconditus and identical spine-like bristles on the procoxae.

Distribution. This is the most common and widespread species of the genus, occurring in a large portion of South America ( Fig. 29 View FIGURE 29 ). It is particularly abundant in the Cerrado region and is often found in disturbed habitats and urban areas.

Type-material examined: BRAZIL: Mato Grosso: “Coxipó” (Cuiabá), ix.1900, F. Silvestri col., syntypes of Anoplotermes reconditus , imagoes and workers (AMNH). BOLIVIA: La Paz: Mojos, 1904, N. Holmgren col., holotype queen and paratype workers of Speculitermes proratus (AMNH, NHRS).

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Ruptitermes reconditus ( Silvestri 1901 )

Acioli, Agno Nonato Serrão & Constantino, Reginaldo 2015

Ruptitermes reconditus

Mathews 1977: 100
Snyder 1949: 110

Ruptitermes proratus

Krishna 2013: 1408
Mathews 1977: 100

Speculitermes reconditus

Snyder 1949: 110

Anoplotermes (Speculitermes) reconditus

Holmgren 1912: 74

Anoplotermes reconditus

Desneux 1904: 44
Silvestri 1903: 101
Silvestri 1901: 8
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