Ruptitermes xanthochiton Mathews 1977

Acioli, Agno Nonato Serrão & Constantino, Reginaldo, 2015, A taxonomic revision of the neotropical termite genus Ruptitermes (Isoptera, Termitidae, Apicotermitinae), Zootaxa 4032 (5), pp. 451-492 : 480-481

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4032.5.1

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Ruptitermes xanthochiton Mathews 1977


Ruptitermes xanthochiton Mathews 1977

Ruptitermes xanthochiton Mathews 1977: 100 –102 (imago, worker, gut morphology, figs. 33, 35, 37); Fontes 1985 (gut morphology); Fontes 1992 (worker, gut morphology, figs. 5–8, 25–26, 29, 33–34); Krishna et al. 2013: 1410 (bibliography).

Ruptitermes grandis ” Mathews 1977: 94 (figure caption), 257 (list of figures) nomen nudum

Imago ( Fig. 20 View FIGURE 20 ). Described by Mathews (1977). Additional measurements in Table 1 View TABLE 1 .

Worker ( Fig. 21 View FIGURE 21 , 22 View FIGURE 22 M, 25I –J). Head capsule large and rounded, light brown, paler anteriorly, with sparse bristles and hairs of variable size. Postclypeus flattened, very light brown, with 2–3 bristles on each lobe. Fontanelle rounded, depressed, a little paler than head capsule. Frontal marks inconspicuous. Left mandible: A shorter than M1; M1 large; cutting edge between M1 and notch long and nearly straight; notch broad, about 90°; M3 small, triangular; molar tooth hidden under molar prominence; proximal border of molar prominence convex, not indented. Right mandible: A and M1 about the same size; cutting edge between M1 and M2 long and nearly straight; M2 small and rounded; molar plate small, concave, without ridges. Thoracic nota yellowish, much paler than head capsule; pronotum with bristles along all margins and some bristles on surface; meso- and metanotum with a row of bristles on posterior margin and several bristles on surface, usually arranged in a transversal, irregular row near middle. Procoxa with more than 10 spine-like bristles of variable size on anterior surface, arranged along an elliptical line; outer ones larger ( Fig. 21 View FIGURE 21 F). Meso- and metacoxae without spine-like bristles. Protibia moderately inflated, with two irregular rows of spine-like bristles along inner margin ( Fig. 21 View FIGURE 21 B). Tergites unsclerotized, hyaline, with many bristles and dense short hairs on entire surface. Dehiscent glands very large, filling up to 1/3 of the abdomen. Enteric valve unsclerotized; ridges elongate, reticulated with pentagonal or hexagonal cells; cells are larger near margins and become smaller towards middle; cells in central region with fuzzy borders ( Fig. 25 View FIGURE 25 I–J). Measurements in Table 2 View TABLE 2 .

Comparisons. The workers of R. xanthochiton are easily recognized by their large size, unsclerotized abdomen and extremely large Dehiscent glands. See comparisons under R. cangua .

Remarks. According to Mathews (1977), the shape of the posterior points of the scutellum showed sexual dimorphism in the imagoes of R. xanthochiton . However, our observations indicate that this character shows considerable variation and apparently no sexual dimorphism.

Distribution. Occurs mainly in the Cerrado region of central Brazil, always associated with open vegetation and disturbed habitats ( Fig. 30 View FIGURE 30 ). There are some records also in Amazonian savannas.

Type-material examined: BRAZIL: Mato Grosso: Ribeirão Cascalheira, Base camp of the Xavantina- Cachimbo expedition, 26.x.1968, A.G.A. Mathews col., holotype imago, paratype workers and imagoes (MZSP- 7416). Paratypes also in the AMNH (examined) and BMNH (not examined).

Other material examined. BRAZIL: Amazonas: Manaus, Reserva Ducke, 02.x.1987, E.M. Cancello et al. col., workers (INPA-169). Bahia: Mucugê, 07.xii.1990, E.M. Cancello & M.T. Ponte col., workers (MZSP-12047). Distrito Federal: Brasília, Condomínio Entre Lagos, 16.iv.2000, R. Constantino col., workers (UnB-2581). Brasília, Embrapa Cerrados, 01.iv.2011, MCGR col., workers (UnB-9892, UnB-9893). Brasília, Fazenda Água Limpa, 12.viii.1991, K. Kitayama col., workers (UnB-1036). 30.x.2010, D.G. Pinheiro col., workers (UnB-9900). Goiás: Catalão, vii.2004, D.E. Oliveira col., workers (UnB-10005). Iporá,, H.F. Cunha col., workers (UFG). Anápolis, UEG Campus Anápolis, v.2007, D.E. Oliveira col., workers (UnB-10004). Mato Grosso: Ribeirão Cascalheira, Base Exp. Xavantina-Cachimbo, 26.x.1968, A.G.A. Mathews col., workers, imagoes (MZSP-7416). Santo Antônio do Leverger, 09.ix.1981, S. Marcolino col., workers (MPEG-2374). 30.iv.1982, S. Marcolino col., workers (MPEG-2391). Mato Grosso do Sul: Corumbá, 10.xii.1960, K. Lenko col., workers, imagoes (MZSP-5442, UnB-9925). Costa Rica, 12.ii.1986, L.R. Fontes col., workers (LRFC-513). Minas Gerais: Arceburgo, 12.i.2006, E.M. Cancello col., workers (MZSP-11622). Belo Horizonte, 01.iii.2003, Danilo L. Bernardo col., workers (UnB-6647). Coimbra, 10.ii.2004, A.P.A. Araújo col., workers (UFV). Paracatu, Fazenda Suzano, 01.xi.2001, R. Constantino col., workers (UnB-9107). Francisco Sá,, R.L. Araujo col., workers (MZSP-6110). Paracatu, Reserva Acangaú, 01.viii.2011, MCGR col., workers (UnB-9894, UnB-9895, UnB-9896). Rio Paranaíba, 26.x.1990, O.F.F. Souza col., workers (UFV-2503, UFV-2532). Sete Lagoas,, T. Macedo col., workers (UFV-1821)., T. Macedo col., workers (UFV-1816). Roraima: Amajari, Ilha de Maracá , 11.ii.1988, C.F. Sena col., workers (INPA-477); 12.ii.1988, C.F. Sena col., workers (INPA-514); 13.ii.1988, A.G. Bandeira col., workers (INPA-524, 535); 15.ii.1988, A.G. Bandeira col., workers (INPA-572); 15.ii.1988, C.F. Sena col., workers (INPA-557, 565, 577); 16.ii.1988, A.G. Bandeira col., workers (INPA-586); 17.ii.1988, A.G. Bandeira col., workers (INPA-609, 621); 17.ii.1988, C.F. Sena col., workers (INPA-605); 18.ii.1988, C.F. Sena col., workers (INPA-647); 20.xi.1978, A.G. Bandeira col., workers (MPEG-464). 20.xi.1978, A.G. Bandeira col., workers (MPEG-464). São Paulo: Santo André, Alto da Serra, i.1896, F. Silvestri col., workers (MZSP-1203). Campinas, 20.i.1970, R.L. Araujo col., workers (MZSP-5449). Rio Claro, Flor Est Navarro de Andrade, 28.v.2004, Kleber Espírito-Santo col., workers (UnB-6683). Jundiaí, 29.i.2004, Termitek col., workers (LRFC-2604). Leme, 14.ix.1944, R.L. Araujo & Bras col., workers (MZSP-2437). Mogi das Cruzes, 16.i.1988, E.M. Cancello col., workers (MZSP-9101). Piracicaba, 23.ii.1983, J.S. Pinto col., workers (LRFC-331). Porto Feliz, 14.i.1982, L.R. Fontes col., workers (LRFC-145, 146). Ribeirão Preto, 01.iv.2001, M. P. Pais col., workers (UnB-3519). Rio Claro, 19.x.2003, A.M. Costa-Leonardo col., workers ( UNESP). Teodoro Sampaio, 13.viii.1990, L.R. Fontes col., workers (LRFC-1179, 1228). 14.viii.1990, L.R. Fontes col., workers (LRFC-1188).














Ruptitermes xanthochiton Mathews 1977

Acioli, Agno Nonato Serrão & Constantino, Reginaldo 2015

Ruptitermes xanthochiton

Krishna 2013: 1410
Mathews 1977: 100

Ruptitermes grandis ”

Mathews 1977: 94
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