Solenopsis geminata (Fabricius, 1804)

Cedric A. Collingwood, Donat Agosti, Mostafa R. Sharaf & Antonius van Harten, 2011, Order Hymenoptera, family Formicidae, Arthropod fauna of the UAE 4, pp. 1-70: 34

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.1168586

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Solenopsis geminata (Fabricius, 1804)


Solenopsis geminata (Fabricius, 1804) 

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Specimens examined: Al-Aslab, 19.ix.2005, at light, AvH. Sharjah Desert Park, 5–6.x.2004, AvH.

Distribution: Trager (1991) and Wetterer (2010) offer theories about how this species, notorious for its painful sting, spread around the tropics of the whole world. Recorded from the UAE by Collingwood, Tigar & Agosti ( 1997).