Bengalia wangariae ( Lehrer, 2005 ), Lehrer, 2005

Rognes, Knut, 2011, Revision of the Bengalia spinifemorata species-group (Diptera, Calliphoridae), Zootaxa 2835, pp. 1-29: 24-25

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Bengalia wangariae ( Lehrer, 2005 )

comb. nov.

6. Bengalia wangariae ( Lehrer, 2005)   , comb. nov.

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Maraviola wangariae Lehrer, 2005: 172   . Holotype male ( MRAC, examined), by original designation. Type locality: Democratic Republic of Congo, Katanga, “Muelushi” [not located].

Note. Lehrer (2005: 173) miscited the label text and renders the locality as “Muelushui”.

Diagnosis. Male. Length: 10.5 mm (from Lehrer 2005: 173). Frons at vertex / head width ratio: unknown (head lacking from holotype and only specimen). ST 5 flap very different from other B. spinifemorata   species-group members in that the hind margin is almost straight with a slight notch at middle. Surstylus triangular with an inwardly directed process in upper anterior corner. Bacilliform sclerite process forming a massive hook. Semicircular sclerotisation with apical triangular expansion, its apical margin strongly concave. The veil a double, mainly horizontal structure, on each side of the apex of the semicircular sclerotisation. Veil process curved, distally flattened and denticulate. Hypophallic lobe broader than long with a very small posterior projection posteriorly. Dentate process long.

Female. Unknown.

Discussion. B. wangariae   is known only from the holotype.

Distribution. Democratic Republic of Congo (Katanga).

Material examined. Type material. Maraviola wangariae Lehrer, 2005   . Holotype male, in MRAC, labelled as follows: (1) MUSÉE DU CONGO / Katanga: Muelushi / 11- 1931 / H. J. Brédo [printed except last word in line 2 and all of line 3 which are handwritten]; (2) R. DET. / 6933 / F. [printed except last line which is handwritten]; (3) HOLOTYPE [printed on red label]; (4) Maraviola   3 / wangariae Lehrer   n.sp. / Det. Dr.A. Z. LEHRER / 2004 [printed; pinhole at middle]; (5) Maraviola   3 / wangariae Lehrer   n.sp. / Det. Dr.A. Z. LEHRER / 2004 [printed; pinhole near right end] ( Fig. 61 View FIGURE 61 ). Note. The head was absent from the holotype when received on loan. Dissected by Lehrer. Three genital “units” were found in tube on pin: (1) epandrium with cerci and one surstylus; (2) fragment of ST 5 with flap; (3) aedeagus, pre- and postgonites, two bacilliform sclerites on each side, and the phallapodeme which were all attached to the hypandrium in one piece. Right surstylus lost, ejaculatory sclerite lost. ST 5 flap not complete. Epandrium partly torn. Veil of distiphallus partly disrupted / torn on the left side.


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Bengalia wangariae ( Lehrer, 2005 )

Rognes, Knut 2011

Maraviola wangariae

Lehrer 2005: 172