Cyphomyrmex hamulatus Weber,

Snelling, R. R. & Longino, J. T., 1992, Revisionary notes on the fungus-growing ants of the genus Cyphomyrmex, rimosus-group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Attini)., Insects of Panama and Mesoamerica: selected studies., Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 479-494: 490

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Cyphomyrmex hamulatus Weber


Cyphomyrmex hamulatus Weber  HNS 

Cyphomyrmex rimosus subsp. trinitatis Weber  HNS  , 19 38:189; NEW SYNONYMY.

Cyphomyrmex rimosus subsp. hamulatus Weber  HNS  , 19 38:190;

Cyphomyrmex hamulatus  HNS  : Kempf, 1966:197-8.

Although C. r. trinitatis  HNS  has strict page priority over C. r. hamulatus  HNS  , we have chosen to use the latter name for this species under the 'first reviser' principle, for three reasons: (1) the species is not confined to Trinidad, as the name would imply; (2) the name hamulatus  HNS  is descriptively meaningful; (3) Kempf (1965) recognized the distinctiveness, of this taxon (as C. hamulatus  HNS  ) and so the name has acquired a sense of validity that C. r. trinitatis  HNS  lacks. A name change would only add unnecessary confusion.

The range of C. hamulatus  HNS  extends from Trinidad to Venezuela and north to Costa Rica.