Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) tishetshkini Li, Dai & Li

Li, Hu, Dai, Ren-Huai & Li, Zi-Zhong, 2013, Description of two new species of the leafhopper subgenus Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Macropsinae) from Guangxi Province, Southern China, ZooKeys 321, pp. 15-23: 18-22

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Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) tishetshkini Li, Dai & Li

sp. n.

Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) tishetshkini Li, Dai & Li  sp. n. Figures 4-6, 14-22

Type locality.

CHINA: Guangxi Province, Tianlin.


Body length (including tegmina), ♂, 4.5 mm.


Body coloration. Color (Figs 4-6) similar to Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) damingshanensis  but darker; with large black spot adjacent antennal pit and basal parts of fore femur and coxa, middle and hind coxa marked with dark brown.

External morphology. As in Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) damingshanensis  but head more narrower than pronotum and crown more arcuate forward; face (Fig. 6), in lateral view, slightly inflated; ocelli with their spacing about 8 times than that of ocellus to adjacent eye; scutellum (Fig. 4) about 1.4 times longer than pronotum. Hind femoral macrosetae 2+1; hind tibia with 7 macrosetae on AD row, 6 on AV row, 11 on PD row, dense and slender on PV row.

Male genitalia. Similar to Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) damingshanensis  but pygofer (Fig. 14) shorter, style (Fig. 16) with lateral lobe shorter and apex bearing a spine-like process and connective (Figs 17-18) more robust in lateral view. Aedeagus (Figs 19-20) with basal apodeme reduced; preatrium moderately long; shaft in lateral view relatively straight, evenly tapered to sharply pointed and upturned apex; in ventral view shaft similar in width throughout length with rounded apex; gonopore apical on ventral margin. Dorsal connective (Fig. 21) strongly developed “S” shaped, medially produced into bifurcate process, two dorsal branches widely spaced and tapered to acute apex.

Female. Unknown.

Type material.

Holotype, ♂, CHINA: Guangxi Province, Baise City, Tianlin County, Langping Village, 23. IV. 2012, collected by Zheng Weibin.


Guangxi Prov. (Tianlin), China (Fig. 22).


The new species is similar to Pediopsoides (Pediopsoides) damingshanensis  sp. n. but can be distinguished by its darker colour and differences in the male genitalia (see description).


This species is named in honour of Dr. Dmitri Yu. Tishechkin for his excellent contribution to Macropsis  systematics of the Palaearctic region, and invaluable help to the first author.