Arulidae McFadden & Ofwegen, 2012

Lau, Yee Wah, Stokvis, Frank Robert, Ofwegen, Leendert Pieter van & Reimer, James Davis, 2018, Stolonifera from shallow waters in the north-western Pacific: a description of a new genus and two new species within the Arulidae (Anthozoa, Octocorallia), ZooKeys 790, pp. 1-19: 4

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Arulidae McFadden & Ofwegen, 2012


Family Arulidae McFadden & Ofwegen, 2012 

Type genus.

Arula  McFadden & Ofwegen, 2012


(after McFadden and Ofwegen 2012). Alcyonacea  with polyps that have tentacles that are fused proximally into a broad, circular oral membrane. Sclerites in the form of table-radiates.