Leucotrichia fairchildi Flint, 1970

Thomson, Robin E., Armitage, Brian J. & Harris, Steven C., 2022, The Trichoptera of Panama. XIX. Additions to and a review of the genus Leucotrichia (Trichoptera, Hydroptilidae) in Panama, ZooKeys 1111, pp. 425-466 : 425

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Leucotrichia fairchildi Flint, 1970


Leucotrichia fairchildi Flint, 1970

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Leucotrichia fairchildi is currently the only member of the L. pictipes Group recorded in Panama. Leucotrichia pictipes known distribution includes Mexico, while L. imitator Flint, 1970 and L. sarita Ross, 1944 have been recorded in nearby Costa Rica. All species in this group bear only two ocelli and share similar shapes to the inferior appendage and sternum VII, when viewed laterally. The modified basal antennal segments and setiferous production on the dorsum of the head can be used to easily separate L. fairchildi from each of the three other species.

Material examined.

Panama: Bocas del Toro Province • 16 males; Cuenca 093; Chiriqui Grande District; Quebrada Rambala ; Rambala Jungle Lodge ; 8.91627°N, 82.15469°W; 120 m a.s.l.; 21-31 Dec. 2016; E. Carlson, leg.; Malaise trap; in alcohol; MUPADI • ibid GoogleMaps ., 3 males; 6-12 Feb. 2017 • ibid GoogleMaps ., 1 male; 12-15 Jun. 2017 • 2 males; 28-30 Jun. 2017. Comarca Ngäbe Buglé • 3 males; Quebrada Martinez, Bosque Protector Palo Seco, Alto de Valle , detrás de las caseta de MiAmbiente ; 8.79484°N, 82.19391°W, 480 m a.s.l.; 16-30 Aug. 2019; Y. Aguirre, T. Ríos, leg.; Malaise trap; in alcohol; MUPADI • ibid GoogleMaps ., 2 males; 30 Aug.-13 Sep. 2019 • ibid GoogleMaps ., 2 males; 13-27 Sep. 2019. Veraguas Province • 1 male; Cuenca 097; Santa Fe District; Santa Fe National Park ; Rio Piedra de Moler ; PSPSCB-NPSF-C-097-2017-011; 8.55343°N, 81.17675°W; 395 m a.s.l.; 20 Apr. 2017; T. Ríos, E. Álvarez, C. Nieto, leg.; UV light trap; in alcohol; COZEM GoogleMaps .


Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, Tobago, Trinidad, Venezuela.


A pharate female in a pupal case was identified by Botosaneanu and Alkins-Koo (1993) as " Leucotrichiini -case 2". Subsequently, Flint (1996) associated this female with L. fairchildi , in addition to collecting adult material from Trinidad and Venezuela.