Muruta Huber

Huber, Bernhard A., Eberle, Jonas & Dimitrov, Dimitar, 2018, The phylogeny of pholcid spiders: a critical evaluation of relationships suggested by molecular data (Araneae, Pholcidae), ZooKeys 789, pp. 51-101: 85

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Muruta Huber

gen. n.

Muruta Huber  gen. n.

Pholcus tambunan  group: Huber et al. 2016b: 25.

Type species.

Pholcus tambunan  Huber, 2016.


Named for the Murut, an indigenous ethnic group inhabiting northern inland regions of Borneo. Gender feminine.


(adapted from Huber et al. 2016b). The two species included in this genus are medium-sized, long-legged spiders (body length ~4, male leg 1 length: ~35-40), distinguished from other genera in Pholcinae  by the combination of the following characters: elongate abdomen angular dorso-posteriorly ( Huber et al. 2016b: figs 94, 98); six eyes; male chelicerae with distinctive distal apophyses (flat sclerites without modified hairs; Huber et al. 2016b: figs 103, 108, 120); most palpal structures unusually long (in particular genital bulb; Huber et al. 2016b: figs 101, 121); male bulb without uncus; epigynum weakly sclerotized, scape directed towards anterior with terminal ‘knob’ ( Huber et al. 2016b: figs 104, 123); female internal genitalia with pair of highly distinctive three-layered telescopic tubes ( Huber et al. 2016b: figs 105, 124).


Northern Borneo ( Huber et al. 2016b: fig. 1).


Only two species newly transferred from Pholcus  : M. tambunan  (Huber, 2016); M. bario  (Huber, 2016).