Cyclotrachelus heros (Say, 1823)

Bousquet, Yves, 2012, Catalogue of Geadephaga (Coleoptera, Adephaga) of America, north of Mexico, ZooKeys 245, pp. 1-1722: 555

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Cyclotrachelus heros (Say, 1823)


Cyclotrachelus heros (Say, 1823) 

Feronia heros  Say, 1823b: 145. Type locality: «Tex[as]» (neotype label), restricted to "Dallas, Dallas County" by Bousquet (1999: 207). Neotype (♂), designated by Lindroth and Freitag (1969: 340), in MCZ [# 33048]. Note. "the Arkansa" was the area originally cited by Say (1823b: 145).


This species is known from southeastern Oklahoma south to Comal County, Texas [see Freitag 1969: Fig. 136]. The record from “Arkansas” (Freitag 1969: 167) derives from the locality originally cited by Say (1823b: 145) which possibly refer to the Arkansas Territory. Prior to 1825, this territory included, besides Arkansas, all of the present state of Oklahoma. It could also refer to the Arkansas River which flows through Colorado, southern Kansas, northeastern Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The record from southeastern Kansas (Knaus 1907: 233) needs confirmation.