Brachymyrmex termitophilus Forel,

Wild, A. L., 2007, A catalogue of the ants of Paraguay (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 1622, pp. 1-55: 44

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Brachymyrmex termitophilus Forel


Brachymyrmex termitophilus Forel  HNS  1896e. NEW STATUS.

Brachymyrmex heeri var. termitophilus Forel  HNS  1896e: 179. [w syntypes examined, MHNG; Brazil]  .

Although B. termitophilus  HNS  shares the dense pubescence and light coloration of B. heeri  HNS  , this ant is more compact than Forel’s B. heeri  HNS  types (MHNG, examined). In contrast to the relatively long antennal scapes of B. heeri  HNS  , the scapes of B. termitophilus  HNS  are shorter than the head length, in repose only barely meeting the posterior margin of the head in full-face view. Additionally, the propodeum of B. termitophilus  HNS  in lateral view is only slightly or not at all depressed below the level of the promesonotum, whereas in B. heeri  HNS  the propodeum is always noticeably lower than the promesonotum. Both species occur in Paraguay with no evidence of intergrades, an observation that supports the elevation of termitophilus  HNS  to species.

Brachymyrmex fiebrigi Forel  HNS  (MHNG, types examined) has smaller eyes in the worker caste than B. termitophilus  HNS  , but is otherwise a very similar ant and may merely represent the low end of intraspecific eye size variation in B. termitophilus  HNS  . As only a few specimens of both the large- and small-eyed variants were available in the present study, I prefer to retain B. fiebrigi  HNS  as valid until more material becomes available.


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle