Halysidota sertata Berg, 1882: 214

Beccacece, Hernan M., Vincent, Benoit & Navarro, Fernando R., 2014, The type-material of Arctiinae (Lepidoptera, Erebidae) described by Burmeister and Berg in the collection of the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Bernardino Rivadavia (Buenos Aires, Argen, ZooKeys 421, pp. 65-89: 73

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scientific name

Halysidota sertata Berg, 1882: 214


Taxon classification Animalia Lepidoptera Erebidae

Halysidota sertata Berg, 1882: 214  Fig. 12

Current identity.

Tessella sertata  (Berg, 1882).


Described from one male and one female from "los alrededores [surroundings] de Buenos Aires."

Type locality.

Buenos Aires [Argentina].


A female syntype in the Berg collection with a green label with the inscription "Buenos Aires." a red label with the inscription “TYPUS,” a white label with the inscription “Typus” and a red label with the inscription "Lectotype ♀ Halysidota sertata  Berg designated by Beccacece, Vincent & Navarro." We hereby designate it as lectotype. [MACN]. It is in very poor condition, with no antennae, both wings are damaged and the right wings are folded backwards (Fig. 12).


Berg stated that the male specimen is preserved in the collection of M. Ruscheweyh. In Horn et al. (1990), a part of this collection may be in ZMHB. After verification by the second author, no corresponding specimen was located in this institution.