Loxoblemmus haani Saussure

Mal, Jhabar, Nagar, Rajendra & Swaminathan, R., 2015, Morphological characterization of some representative species of the genus Loxoblemmus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae; Gryllinae; Gryllini) from India, Zootaxa 3955 (3), pp. 329-339 : 334-335

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.3955.3.2

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Loxoblemmus haani Saussure


2. Loxoblemmus haani Saussure

Loxoblemmus haani Saussure, 1877 . Mem. Soc. Geneve, 25, 257, pl. 13 (XVI), figs. 5.

♂: This species is also very close to L. detectus from which it differs in the shape of the frontal process that is strongly projecting, with apical margin forming a curve nearly in the shape of a semicircle; beneath, the process forms a prominent swelling; the face is flat, feebly trilobite. Fore wing mirror rhomboidal, with anterior angle obtuse; harp region with 2 oblique veins.

♀: Specimens collected along with the males from the same location; females with wings covering the abdomen, reticulate; the ovipositor length measured 8.0 mm.

Material examined (4 ♂, 5 ♀): India: Rajasthan: 2♂, Udaipur, 18.ix.2006, Coll., B. K. Patidar; 1♂, Sisarama (Udaipur), 13.x.2007, Coll., Hansa Jat; 1♂, Udaipur, 30.ix.2007, Coll., S. L. Jat; 2♀, Banswara, 11.x.2012, Coll., Jhabar Mal; 1♀, Udaipur, 10.x.2007, Coll., S. L. Jat; 1♀, Sisarama (Udaipur), 13.x.2007, Coll., Hansa Jat; 1♀, Bhilwara, 26.x.2007, Coll. R. Swaminathan.

PLATE II. Loxoblemmus Saussure, 1877 . A–O, Loxoblemmus haani Saussure, 1877 ; A, Male; B, Female; C, Frontal process strongly projecting; D, Frontal region strongly oblique (♂); E, Frontal region weakly flattened (♀); F, Pronotum lateral lobe brown; G, Pronotum testaceous mottled with brown; H, Frontal rostrum arcuate, with a transverse yellow band; I, First joint of antennae without a process; J, Mirror rhomboidal (♂), without middle vein; K, Forewing reticulate (♀); Tegmina (♂) lateral view with 7 veins; M, Posterior tibiae armed with spines; N, Male genitalia; O, Spermatophore

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