Aguado, M. Teresa, Murray, Anna & Hutchings, Pat, 2015, Syllidae (Annelida: Phyllodocida) from Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Zootaxa 4019 (1), pp. 35-60: 37

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Amblyosyllis  sp.

( Fig. 1 AView FIGURE 1. A)

Material examined. AM W. 47194, MI QLD 2397.

Remarks. In live specimen, dorsal part of the body with a white, thick dorsal line, more discernible on posterior parapodia ( Fig. 1 AView FIGURE 1. A). Nuchal lappet long reaching chaetiger 2. Antennae, tentacular cirri and dorsal cirri with abundant granular material inside. Body, mainly dorsal cirri, covered by thin fibrillar secretions. Single specimen, not preserved well enough to be identified to species level.

Habitat. Sand, in shallow waters.

Distribution. Australia (Queensland).