Chromatomyia succisae (Hering, 1922),

erny, Milos & Baechli, Gerhard, 2018, New records of Agromyzidae (Diptera) from Switzerland and an updated checklist, Alpine Entomology 2, pp. 115-137: 122

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Chromatomyia succisae (Hering, 1922)


Chromatomyia succisae (Hering, 1922) 

Material examined.

AG: Rottenschwil [47°19'N, 8°22'E, 390m a.s.l.], 1 ♂, VD: Changins [46°24'N, 6°14'E, 430m a.s.l.], 1 ♂, 2000, P. Duelli leg. VS: Pfynwald [46°38'N, 7°37'E, 600m a.s.l., canopy trap], 1 ♂, 2.-6.viii.1999.


Europe: Andorra, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden; Asia: Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Uzbekistan ( Černý 2007b, 2009, Černý and Merz 2006, Zlobin 2005). First record from Switzerland.


Host plants Dipsacus  , Knautia  , Succisa  .