Oedignatha raigadensis , Bastawade, 2006

Bastawade, 2006, Replacement Name For Amaurobius indicus Bastawade And Its Transfer To Family Corinnidae (Arachnida: Araneae), Zoos' Print Journal 21 (7), pp. 2307-2307: 2307

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http://doi.org/ 10.11609/JoTT.ZPJ.1577.2307

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Oedignatha raigadensis


Amaurobius indicus Bastawade  was described as a new species under the family Amaurobiidae ( Bastawade, 2002)  . Siliwal et al. (2005: see II.a.2) referred to this species as 'misplaced' on the figures and characters given by the author. In his World Catalog of Spiders, Platnick (2006) remarked the species to be 'misplaced' following Siliwal et al. (2005). Literature search for the characters for the placement of this species suggested that this species should be placed under the family Corinnidae  . This Note is in keeping with the recommendations by the two sources in standardizing arachnid taxonomy.

The family Corinnidae  is represented by 35 known species under nine genera and, out of these, six genera and 25 species are endemic to the Indian mainland ( Siliwal et al., 2005). The genus Oedignatha Thorell 1881  , presently includes 13 species from India. Majumder and Tikader (1991) and Reddy and Patel (1993) had placed the genus Oedignatha Thorell, 1881  under the Family Clubionidae  but it has now been transferred to the Family Corinnidae ( Platnick, 2006)  .

The studies of diagnostic characters of the Family Corinnidae  and of the genus Oedignatha  suggest that the previously described Amaurobius indicus Bastawade  should be transferred to family Corinnidae  and the genus Oedignatha  .

This species was described by me ( Bastawade, 2002) based on Amaurobius andamanensis Tikader, 1977  and had provided a key to distinguish the two. However, Deeleman-Reinhold (2001) transferred A. andamanensis  to genus Oedignatha  (IX.g. 2 in Siliwal et al., 2005). Since A. indicus Bastawade, 2002  meets the characters of genus Oedignatha  like O. andamanensis  , I propose the transfer of A. indicus  to genus Oedignatha  . Since, Oedignatha indica Reddy & Patel, 1993  is preoccupied (see # IX.g.7 in Siliwal et al., 2005), I propose a replacement name Oedignatha raigadensis  nom. nov., as per Article No. 60 of the ICZN (1999). The proposed name is after the district in which the type locality Khalapur occurs.

The type material are preserved in 70% alcohol and currently deposited at ZSI, WRS, Pune with the following registration numbers: I/1104 (holotype female),  I/1105 (paratype male),  I/ 1106a & b (paratype females)  .