Mohamed, S., Zalat, S. & Fadl, H., 2001, Taxonomy of ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) collected by pitfall traps from Sinai and Delta region, Egypt., Egyptian Journal of Natural History 3, pp. 40-61: 50

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Genus Cardiocondyla  HNS  Emery, 1869

Cardiocondyla  HNS  Emery, 1869: Ann. accad. Aspir. Nat. Napoli (2)2:20.

Type-species: Cardiocondula elegans Emery  HNS  , 1869: Ann. Acad. Aspir. Nat. Napoli (2)2:21.

Distribution: Palaearctic, Ethiopian, Oriental, Australian, Polynesian, Nearctic & Neotropical regions.

Key to species

1- Propodeal spines very short and blunt (Fig.30); head, alitrunk, nodes and appendages reddish brown, gaster black ... C. nuda (Mayr)  HNS 

- Propodeal spines long and acute (Fig.31); head, alitrunk, nodes and appendages yellow, gaster dark brown...... C. wroughtonii (Forel)  HNS