Tenthredo baetica Spinola, 1846,

Liston, Andrew D., Knight, Guy T., Sheppard, David A., Broad, Gavin R. & Livermore, Laurence, 2014, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Sawflies, ' Symphyta', Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1168-1168: 1168

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Tenthredo baetica Spinola, 1846


Tenthredo baetica Spinola, 1846 

Tenthredo flavipes  Geoffroy, 1785: Cameron, 1882 misident.

Tenthredo flaveola  Gmelin, 1790: misident.




The subspecies Allantus baetica dominiquei  (Konow, 1894, Allantus  ) is represented in Britain; this taxon was placed for a time by Benson as a subspecies of the more continental Tenthredo flaveola  Gmelin, 1790, but his opinion is not supported by data on distribution and morphology. Lacourt (1999) treated Tenthredo dominiquei  as a northern subspecies of Tenthredo baetica  (nominate subspecies confined to Spain and Portugal). The latter treatment is supported by results of COI barcoding (unpublished).