Guilotes yandongensis Z. Zhao & S. Li

Li, Bing, Zhao, Zhe, Chen, Haifeng, Wu, Zhiyan, Zhang, Chuntian & Li, Shuqiang, 2018, Guilotes, a new genus of Coelotinae spiders from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China (Araneae, Agelenidae), ZooKeys 802, pp. 1-17: 10

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scientific name

Guilotes yandongensis Z. Zhao & S. Li

sp. n.

Guilotes yandongensis Z. Zhao & S. Li  sp. n. Figs 7, 8

Type material.

Holotype ♀ (IZCAS-Ar34075, zz392, KY778813): China: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: Baise City: Debao County, Yandong Town, Xingwang Village, Podi Cave, 23°14.268'N, 110°14.597'E, elevation: 632 m, 9.XII.2012, Z. Zhao and Z. Chen leg. Paratypes: 2♀♀ (IZCAS-Ar34076, Ar34077), same cave as holotype, 11.XII.2015, X. Zhang and Z. Chen leg.


The specific name is an adjective and refers to the type locality, Podi Cave.


Females of Guilotes yandongensis  sp. n. can be differ from G. qingshitanensis  sp. n. by having the epigynal teeth (Figure 7A) and wide fertilization duct (Figure 7B); they differ from G. ludiensis  sp. n. and G. xingpingensis  sp. n. by the copulatory ducts with folded lateral margin (Figure 7B).


Female (holotype, IZCAS-Ar34075): Total length 5.77. Carapace 2.51 long, 1.61 wide. Abdomen 3.26 long, 2.05 wide. Eye diameters and interdistances: AME: 0.08, ALE: 0.12, PME: 0.12, PLE: 0.12; AME–AME: 0.04, AME–ALE: 0.04, AME–PME: 0.08, ALE–PLE: 0.05, PME–PME: 0.09, PME–PLE: 0.07. Leg measurements: I: 7.49 (2.81, 2.34, 1.25, 1.09); II: 7.11 (2.67, 2.03, 1.38, 1.03); III: 6.32 (2.19, 1.88, 1.47, 0.78); IV: 8.65 (2.81, 2.59, 2.19, 1.06). Chelicerae with four promarginal and five retromarginal teeth. Epigyne: teeth short, subequal to 1/3 atrial length, located far from the atrial lateral margins (Figure 7A); atrium small, occupying less than 1/8 epigynal plate (Figure 7A); copulatory ducts broad, occupying 3/4 epigynal plate, with folded lateral margin (Figure 7B); spermathecae long (Figure 7B); spermathecal heads long, stretched to the back (Figure 7B); spermathecal stalks long, lengthening along the margin of copulatory ducts (Figure 7B).


Total length: females 5.77-8.85 (n=3).


All specimens of this species were collected from Podi Cave, Baise City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China (Figure 8).