Halesidota cancellata Burmeister, 1878: 445

Beccacece, Hernan M., Vincent, Benoit & Navarro, Fernando R., 2014, The type-material of Arctiinae (Lepidoptera, Erebidae) described by Burmeister and Berg in the collection of the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Bernardino Rivadavia (Buenos Aires, Argen, ZooKeys 421, pp. 65-89: 70-71

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scientific name

Halesidota cancellata Burmeister, 1878: 445


Taxon classification Animalia Lepidoptera Erebidae

Halesidota cancellata Burmeister, 1878: 445  Fig. 7

Current identity.

Tessellota cancellata  (Burmeister, 1878).


Described from an unspecified number of syntypes from Buénos-Ayres [Buenos Aires].

Type locality.

Buénos-Ayres [Buenos Aires].


A female syntype housed in the Berg collection with a green label with the inscription "Buenos Aires" and a red label with the inscription "Lectotype ♀ Halesidota cancellata  Burmeister designated by Beccacece, Vincent & Navarro." We hereby designate it as lectotype [MACN]. It is in quite good overall condition, although it is missing the left antenna (Fig. 7). There are two paralectotypes: a male: "Buenos Arres" [Buenos Aires], which is in moderate to good condition; a male: "Buenos Aires" in moderate to poor condition with no antennae, the apices of both forewings are missing and the right hindwing is ripped.


There is no distinctive label indicating that these specimens are syntypes. However, the origin of these specimens located in Buenos Aires and their inclusion in the Berg collection, below a square label with Burmeister’s handwriting, leads us to believe that these specimens are syntypes that were studied by Burmeister. Indeed, it seems that Berg and Burmeister frequently exchanged specimens (Roig, pers. comm.). In addition, wing spans indicated in the original description (1-1.2 inches) correspond to the specimens that we consider syntypes.