Streptogonopus Attems, 1914,

Nguyen, Anh D., Jang, Kuem-Hee & Hwang, Ui-Wook, 2016, The first record of the millipede genus Streptogonopus Attems, 1914 from Vietnam, with description of a new species (Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Paradoxosomatidae), ZooKeys 601, pp. 111-118: 112

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Streptogonopus Attems, 1914


Taxon classification Animalia Polydesmida Paradoxosomatidae

Genus Streptogonopus Attems, 1914 

Streptogonopus  Attems, 1914: 219; Attems 1929: 271; Attems 1931: 113; Attems 1936: 215-216; Attems 1937: 146-147; Jeekel 1956: 76; Jeekel 1968: 84, 111; Golovatch 2000: 218; Jeekel 2004: 15-16; Golovatch 2009: 4; Nguyen and Sierwald 2013: 1315.

Type species.

Strongylosoma contortipes  Attems, 1898, by original designation.


Jeekel (2004) stated that the genus can be recognised by the paraterga being small or completely reduced; the gonopod femorite erect, narrow at the base and widening abruptly; demarcation between femorite and postfemoral region present; the solenomere and solenophore twisted one or two times; and the solenomere completely sheathed by solenophore.


The genus can be separated into two small groups based on the absence or presence of paraterga. The former group contains Streptogonopus jerdani  and Streptogonopus degerboelae  , the latter comprises Streptogonopus neglectus  , Streptogonopus phipsoni  , and Streptogonopus nitens  .