Keesia tripotini Mitroiu

Mitroiu, Mircea-Dan, 2011, New Pireninae (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) from South-East Asia, Zootaxa 3065, pp. 1-13 : 5-6

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Keesia tripotini Mitroiu

sp. nov.

Keesia tripotini Mitroiu , sp. nov.

( Fig. 4)

Etymology. Dedicated to Pierre Tripotin, the collector of the specimen.

Diagnosis. Females of this species can be recognized by the following combination of characters: mesosoma flattened; metasoma slightly shorter than mesosoma; first three metasomal tergites larger, last ones partly retracted; ovipositor sheaths about 1/3 length of hind tibia; hypopygium reaching about 2/3 length of metasoma.

Description. Female. Body length. 1.25 mm.

Colour. Body, antennal scape and legs black, except most part of tarsi and distal end of tibiae, which are yellowish; rest of antennae, knees, apical tarsomeres, tegulae and venation brown; eyes reddish; mandibles brownish; wings hyaline.

Head. Head about 1.2× as high as wide. POL about 1.6× OOL. Eye about 1.7× as high as long. Malar space slightly less than 1/3 eye height. Oral fossa 0.55× as long as head width. Antenna with scape distinctly less than eye height and about 1.1× eye length; pedicel length about twice width; combined length of pedicel and flagellum 0.83× as long as head width. Funicular segments as in K. dorsellata ; clava about 1.5× as long as combined length of pedicel and funicle, length about 2.3× width.

Mesosoma. In profile appearing flat, with mesoscutum, scutellum and dorsellum almost horizontal. Mesosoma length about 1.9× width and 2.75× height. Mesoscutum width about twice length. Scutellum distinctly wider than long. Frenal area in same plane as scutellum and dorsellum. Dorsellum as in K. dorsellata , about 2.4× as long as median length of propodeum. Fore wing similar to that of K. dorsellata , but setae denser; M:S:P = 32:2:1.5; S extremely short, almost reduced to stigma. Pecten extending about 2/3 length of hind tibia.

Metasoma. Short oval, about 0.9× as long as mesosoma, laterally compressed, length without ovipositor sheaths 1.9× width. First three metasomal tergites largest, last ones partly retracted. Hypopygium reaching about 2/ 3 length of metasoma. Ovipositor sheaths about 1/3 length of hind tibia.

Male. Unknown.

Material examined. Holotype Ƥ: “S. Korea Chungnam, Keumsan, Nami-myeon Seokdong Pohyeonsa, 6 Malaise in forest, N 36º03.494' E 127º27.225', 31.VII-28.VIII.2005 Tripotin rec.”, “ Holotype Ƥ Keesia tripotini Mitroiu ” ( MICO).

Comments. The unique female of this species is easily separated from K. dorsellata by its flat mesosoma and longer first three metasomal tergites, which almost cover the whole metasoma.

Distribution. South Korea.

Hosts. Unknown.













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