Macroglenes sulawensis Mitroiu

Mitroiu, Mircea-Dan, 2011, New Pireninae (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) from South-East Asia, Zootaxa 3065, pp. 1-13 : 12-13

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Macroglenes sulawensis Mitroiu

sp. nov.

Macroglenes sulawensis Mitroiu , sp. nov.

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Etymology. From the island of Sulawesi, the type locality.

Diagnosis. Females of this species are characterized by the following combination of characters: F1–F2 anelliform, F3–F5 large, with sensilla; mesosoma strongly convex; ovipositor sheaths about 0.4× length of hind tibia; pecten about 4/5 length of hind tibia.

Description. Female. Body length. 1 mm.

Colour. Similar to M. kuwatus , but pedicel darker, and coxae and trochanters yellowish.

Head. Head in frontal view about 1.1× as wide as high. POL about 1.3× OOL. Eye 1.3× as high as long, with sparse pilosity. Malar space about 0.4× eye height. Antenna with scape distinctly less than eye height and about equal to eye length; pedicel length about 1.8× width; combined length of pedicel and flagellum about 0.8× head width. F1–F2 anelliform, without sensilla and progressively increasing in diameter; F3–F5 large, with sensilla; F3 quadrate, F4–F5 about 1.2× as broad as long; clava length 2.3× width.

Mesosoma. In profile strongly arched dorsally, length 1.25× width and about 1.4× height. Fore wing about 2.4× as long as wide; wing disc uniformly but rather sparsely pilose, with a moderately large, not very well defined, bare area between S and apical wing margin; basal cell bare, basal vein with 2 hairs; M:S:P = 30:6:6. Pecten about 4/5 length of hind tibia.

Metasoma. Oval-acuminate, length including ovipositor sheaths about 2.1× width, about equal in length with head plus mesosoma. Hypopygium about in the middle of metasoma. Ovipositor sheaths about 0.4× length of hind tibia.

Male. Unknown.

Comments. In my key to the Palaearctic species of Macroglenes , M. kuwatus would run to couplet 5, being closer to M. hokkaidensis Mitroiu from Japan. It differs from this species mostly by a shorter and higher mesosoma, a moderately large bare area between S and apical wing margin, a slightly more developed pecten, and lighter coxae.

Material examined. Holotype Ƥ: “ INDONESIA: SW Sulawesi, Gn. Bulusaraung, nr Camba Malawa, Mal. trap 3, c 750 m, 7.ii.–28.iii.1995, C. v. Achterberg, R. & Y. Yasir, RMNH '95” ( RMNH).

Distribution. Indonesia (Sulawesi).

Hosts. Unknown.


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