Aristolochia tagala Cham.

DeFilipps, Robert A. & Krupnick, Gary A., 2018, The medicinal plants of Myanmar, PhytoKeys 102, pp. 1-341: 20

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Aristolochia tagala Cham.


Aristolochia tagala Cham. 


English: Dutchman’s pipe, Indian birthwort.


China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sikkim, Thailand, Vietnam; Soloman Islands and Queensland in Australia. In Myanmar, found in Chin, Kayin, Mandalay, Sagaing, and Yangon.


Whole plant: Used for bowel complaints. Fruit: Used as a laxative and tonic.


The medicinal uses of this species in India are discussed in Jain and DeFilipps (1991) as follows: The whole plant is used for bowel complaints; the fruit is used for rheumatism (paste applied and massaged in), malaria, dyspepsia, snakebite, toothache (paste applied); the uses of the root are the same as those of the fruit.


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