Cryphia Hübner, 1818,

Han, Hui-Lin, Kononenko, Vladimir S. & Behounek, Gottfried, 2011, Three new species of the subfamily Bryophilinae from China (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae), Zootaxa 3108, pp. 53-63: 55

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Cryphia Hübner, 1818


Genus Cryphia Hübner, 1818 

Cryphia Hübner, 1818  , Zuträge zur Sammlung exotischer Schmetterlinge: 1: 14. Type-species: Noctua receptricula Hübner  , [1803], by subsequent designation by Hampson, 1908. Type-locality: Europe.

Synonymy: Cryptomima Berio, 1977  ; Heterocryphia Beck, 1996  .

Diagnosis. Small to medium size moths. Frons broad, rounded; proboscis developed, but sometimes reduced; labial palps short, 2 nd segment 2 times shorter than 3 rd. Ground colour of forewing varies from green to brown or brown-grey; wing pattern rather uniform, with green basal and subterminal parts, often resembles pattern of lichens. In male genitalia uncus moderate, with hooked tip; tegument usually shorter than vinculum; valva short and broad or long and relatively narrow, tip of ventral margin pointed; sacculus moderate; harpe absent or, if present in some groups, triangular, reaching above costa; transtilla broad, heavily sclerotised; juxta long, narrow. Aedeagus is usually short and broad; vesica relatively short, ovoid, membranous, with spinules. In female genitalia ovipositor elongate, rounded; posterior apophyses longer or equal to anterior ones; antrum short, cylindrical, ductus bursae with sclerites; corpus bursae ovoid, with sclerotised patch in joining with ductus bursae. The genus is divided into the subgenera Cryphia  (s. str.) and Euthales Hübner, 1818  . It is mainly a Palaearctic genus, containing 44 species, with a center of diversity in the Mediterranean subregion, some species are known from Ethiopian and Nearctic regions. Fourteen species are known from China. The European species of Cryphia  were revised by Fibiger et al. 2009; Japanese Cryphia  were revised by Sugi (1980, 1982). Chinese species of the genus were described by Boursin (1951), Draudt (1950), Kononenko (1998) and Hreblay & Ronkay (2000). All species of Cryphia  from Korea, occurring also in North China and Russian Far East are treated in Kononenko et al. (1998) and Kononenko & Han (2007).