Argyra Macquart, 1834

Qilemoge,, Wang, Mengqing & Yang, Ding, 2018, Three new species of Argyra from China (Diptera, Dolichopodidae, Diaphorinae), ZooKeys 772, pp. 141-151: 141

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Argyra Macquart, 1834


Argyra Macquart, 1834 

Argyra  Macquart, 1834: 456. Type species: Musca diaphana  Fabricius, 1775.


Vertex somewhat excavated, occiput slightly concave medially. Ocellar tubercle distinct with two long oc and two short posterior hairs. Antennal scape bare in subgenus Leucostola  and with dorsal hairs in subgenus Argyra  ; first flagellomere short to elongate; arista dorsal to subapical. Propleuron with 1 pale bristle on upper portion and 1-2 pale or black bristles on lower portion. Hind coxa with 2-6 strong or weak vertical outer bristles. Mid and hind femora without preapical bristle. CuAx ratio 0.4-0.55. Surstylus long or short, with dorsal and ventral lobes. Hypandrium long, bent medially, apically rounded.

Key to species (males) of Argyra  from China