Casinaria subglabra

Riedel, Olmgren Matthias, 2018, Revision of the Western Palae arctic species of the genus Casinaria H (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Campopleginae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 50 (1), pp. 723-763 : 749

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Casinaria subglabra


Casinaria subglabra THOMSON, 1887 ( figs 7 View Figs 1-8 , 24)

Casinaria subglabra THOMSON, 1887: 1101 ♀

Lectotypus: (♀) Triest 22.5.71 Krchb., rufimanus Gr. ♀ subglabra Thms O.E. 1101 ,9 (ZSM), actually not found in ZSM.

D e s c r i p t i o n: ♀: Body length 8 mm. Flagella with 34-35 segments; 1 st flagellomeres length 2.5-2.9x width; preapical flagellomeres slightly longer than wide. Temples rather wide, slightly or moderately narrowed behind eyes; head 2.0x wider than long. Distance of lateral ocelli to eyes 1.0-1.1x and between them 1.8x their diameter. Face slighty narrowed ventrally, finely rugose-punctate, minimal width 0.7x eye length and 0.95x width of frons. Malar space length 0.3x width of mandibular bases. Genal carinae not bent outwards, obsolete ventrally, reaching hypostomal ones close to mandibular bases in acute angle of about 70°. Hypostomal carinae not elevated.

Mesopleural discs granulate, distinctly punctate; specula granulate, matte; dorsal impressions finely striate. Prepectal carina not or slightly elevated ventrally, absent on the transversal parts. Metapleura finely granulate and punctate; coxal carinae absent. Propodeum rugose, with basal carinae including area basalis and basal half of area superomedia; area superomedia c.1.5x longer than wide; area petiolaris slightly and widely impressed. Hind femora length 4.7x width; length of inner spurs of hind tibiae 0.6x hind metatarsus length. Areolets stalked, 2 nd recurrent veins distal of middle; nervuli slightly postfurcal; postnervuli intercepted behind middle; external angles of discoidal cells c.90°; nervelli of hind wing intercepted in apical 0.6, sometimes not intercepted. 2 nd tergite length 1.0-1.2x width, 3 rd tergite length 0.6-0.7x width; distance of thyridia from tergite bases 0.5-1.0x its length.

Colour: Black. Palps, mandibles and tegulae brownish or blackish. 2 nd tergite apically (with arched base), 3 rd and 4 th tergites completely reddish. All coxae and trochanters black; legs otherwise red; fore and middle femora red or fore femora basally and middle femora mainly black; hind femora completely black; hind tibiae red, widely infuscate basally and apically; hind tarsi except yellowish bases of metatarsi blackish. Pterostigmata brownish.

♂: Flagella with 30-33 segments, preapical flagellomeres slightly longer than wide. Head 2.1x wider than long. Malar space length 0.5-0.7x width of mandibular bases. Area superomedia about as long as wide. Hind femora length 4.7x width. 2 nd recurrent veins reaching areolets in the middle. Nervuli interstitial (rarely antefurcal); nervelli of hind wing interstitial, intercepted in apical 0.7. 2 nd tergite length 1.1x width; 3 rd tergite length 0.65x width. 3 rd tergite red, with blackish base; hind tibiae blackish, with pale yellow stripe externo-medially. Otherwise as described for the ♀.

H o s t s: unknown.

D i s t r i b u t i o n: Austria*, Germany*, Italy, Norway*, and Sweden*.