Stenus cirrus L. Benick, 1940

Liang, Tang, Zhao, Yun-Long & Puthz, Volker, 2008, Six new Stenus species of the cirrus group (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from China with a key to species of the group, Zootaxa 1745, pp. 1-18: 13-14

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Stenus cirrus L. Benick, 1940


Stenus cirrus L. Benick, 1940 

( Figs. 35–39View FIGURES 35 – 39)

Material examined. CHINA: Zhejiang Prov.: ɗ, Lin’an City, Mt. West Tianmu, 15–16.VII. 2000, LI Li- Zhen leg.; ɗ, Anji County, Longwang Shan, 300–500 m, 23.IV. 2006, ZHU Jing-Wen leg.; Ψ, Anji County, Longwang Shan, Zhejiang Prov., 300–500 m, 23.IV. 2006, TANG Liang leg.; ɗ, 5 ΨΨ, Lin’an City, East Tianmu Nature Reserve, alt. 900 m, 1.IX. 2006, XU Shen-Chong leg. (Type material had been examined by Volker Puthz, see Puthz 1967)

Male. Eighth sternite ( Fig. 35View FIGURES 35 – 39) with shallow emargination at middle of posterior margin; 9 th sternite ( Fig. 36View FIGURES 35 – 39) with relatively small apicolateral projections and near straight posterior margin. Aedeagus ( Fig. 37View FIGURES 35 – 39) with median lobe broadest a little before basal half, tapering apicad into round projection at apex, expulsion clasp ( Fig. 38View FIGURES 35 – 39) strongly sclerotized; parameres slender, distinctly longer than median lobe, swollen at apex, each with about 19–21 setae on apico-internal margins.

Remarks. The type locality of this species was listed in the original description ( Benick 1940) as “NW- China Tiemushan”, which is actually Tianmushan, Zhejiang Prov., East China. It can be easily distinguished from other Chinese species of the cirrus  group by entirely black body and very narrow, linear margins of 4– 6 th abdominal segments.

Distribution. China (Zhejiang Province).