Microplitis fujianica Song and Zhang

Zhang, Wangzhen, Song, Dongbao & Chen, Jiahua, 2017, Revision of Microplitis species from China with description of a new species, Zootaxa 4231 (2), pp. 296-300: 297-299

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Microplitis fujianica Song and Zhang


Microplitis fujianica Song and Zhang  , sp.nov.

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FEMALE. Body length 2.6 mm, fore wing length 2.6 mm. Head. 1.6 × as wide as long and not broadening behind eye in dorsal view. Vertex and upper temple densely punctured; ocelli small, forming a high triangle, imaginary tangent of posterior margin of median ocellus far away from posterior ocelli, OD: OOL: POL = 0.4: 0.9: 1. Face approximately quadrate, 1.1 × as wide as high, covered with dense hairs, inner margins of eyes nearly parallelsided. Antenna longer than body (20: 15), F12–15[JJ10] approximately 2.4–2.7 × as long as wide.

Mesosoma. Narrower than head (4.6: 5.5), length: width: height = 8.1: 4.6: 6.1. Pronotum rugose-punctate with upper pronotal groove absent. Mesoscutum generally finely rugose-punctate, densely hairy; notaulus slightly impressed, reticulate-punctate, meeting posteriorly to form a slightly sunken rugose-punctate area; medial carina indicated only by slight rugosity; scutellar sulcus divided by five carinae; scutellum in low triangle, weakly rugosepunctate, posteriorly with rugose-punctate band medially. Propodeum coarsely scrobiculate with distinct, percurrent medial longitudinal carina.

Wings. Fore wing 1-R1 1.7 × and 1 × as long as the distance from itself to apex of marginal cell and the length of stigma, respectively; r arising from about middle of stigma, about as long as 2-SR; areolet approximately quadrangular; first discal cell 1.4 × as wide as high, 1-CU1: 2-CU1 = 0.9: 1.9. Hind wing with 2a-M: 2r-m = 1.8: 0.8; margin of vannal lobe convex and hairy.

Legs. Hind coxa small, approximately as long as T1; both inner and outer spurs of hind tibia approximately equal, 0.2 × as long as basitarsus.

Metasoma. Longer than mesosoma (11: 8.1). T1 sub parallel-sided, slightly narrowed posteriorly, its length: basal width: apical width = 3.1: 1.4: 1.1, slightly depressed at base, weakly rugose punctured except for apical swelling smooth. T2 nearly triangular with apical width: central length = 3.6: 1.4; T3 slightly longer than T2 (1.6: 1.4), T3 and the following tergites smooth, shiny with sparse hairs. Hypopygium small, near to tip of metasoma, acute; ovipositor sheath approximately as long as fourth hind tarsus.

Colour. Reddish black. Antenna brown except for scape mostly bright yellow; maxillary palp, labial palp and tibial spurs pale yellow; tegula reddish yellow. Stigma yellowish brown except for its basal patch adiaphanous; veins brown; wings colourless. Legs bright yellow to yellow except for basal 2/3 hind tibia whitish yellow, remainder hind tibia and tarsus yellow brown. T1 dark yellow, T2–T5 bright yellow, apex of metasoma yellowish brown.

Variation. Body length 2.4–3.1 mm

Male. Fore wing 1-CU1: 2-CU1 = 0.6: 1.5–1.8; spurs of hind tiba about the same length and 0.3 × as long as basitarsus; antenna thick and long.

Host. Unknown.

Material examined. Holotype female: CHINA, Jicun, Ninghua , Fujian, 22-?-1990, Coll. Wang Chenhui  . Paratypes: 1 female, Dazhulan, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 18-?-1993, Coll. Zhang Feiping  ; 1 female, Sangang, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 18-?-1988, Coll. Ge Jianhua  ; 3 females, Jicun, Ninghua , Fujian, 23-?-1990, Coll. Hong Shengxiang  ; 1 female, Tongmu, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 7-?-1993, Coll. Chen Yao  ; 1 female, Buyun, Shanghang , Fujian, 28-?-1988, Coll. Chen Jianwen  ; 1 female, Dazhulan, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 4-?-1993, Coll. Yang Jianquan  ; 1 female, Sangang, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 19-?-1988, Coll. Shen Tianshun  ; 1 male, Jicun, Ninghua , Fujian, 24-?-1990, Coll. Wang Chenhui  ; 3 males, Jicun, Ninghua , Fujian, 23-?-1990, Coll. Huang Rixin  ; 1 male, Jicun, Ninghua , Fujian, 22-?-1990, Coll. Yang Jianquan  ; 1 male, Shuixi, Ninghua , Fujian, 9-?-1990, Coll. Yang Jianquan  ; 1 male, Guadun, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 23-?-1988, Coll. Shen Tianshun  ; 1 male, Tongmu, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 23-?-1988, Coll. Guan Baobin  ; 2 males, Sangang, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 6-?-1988, Coll. Chen Jianwen  ; 1 male, Sangang, Mt. Wuyi , Fujian, 19-?-1988, Coll. Shen Tianshun. 

Distribution. China (Fujian).

Etymology. The specific name is derived from “ Fujian ”, the name of the collecting area.

Comments. The new species is similar to Micoplitis basipallescentis Song et Chen, 2008. Microplitis fujianica  has stigma with basal patch adiaphanous, hind coxa yellow, and areolet approximately quadrangular. The latter has stigma with basal patch hyaline, hind coxa reddish brown, and areolet approximately triangular.