Graphium (Pazala) hoeneanus Cotton & Hu

Hu, Shao-Ji, Cotton, Adam M., Condamine, Fabien L., Duan, Kuang, Wang, Rong-Jiang, Hsu, Yu-Feng, Zhang, Xin & Cao, Jun, 2018, Revision of Pazala Moore, 1888: The Graphium (Pazala) mandarinus (Oberthür, 1879) Group, with Treatments of Known Taxa and Descriptions of New Species and New Subspecies (Lepidoptera: Papilion, Zootaxa 4441 (3), pp. 401-446: 418-419

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Graphium (Pazala) hoeneanus Cotton & Hu

nom. nov., stat. rev.

Graphium (Pazala) hoeneanus Cotton & Hu  nom. nov., stat. rev.

( Figure 14 View Figure , D–F)

Papilio tamerlanus hoenei Mell, 1935  (junior primary and secondary homonym of Papilio agetes hönei Mell, 1923  [ Papilionidae  : Graphium: Pathysa  ]); Mitt. D. Ent. Ges., 6 (3/4): 36; TL: “Chekiang: West- und Ost-Tienmoshan (Fukien, Südkiangsi), Nordkwangtung” [= West and East Tianmu Shan, Zhejiang (Fujian, S. Jiangxi), N. Guangdong].

This taxon has previously been treated as synonymous with Graphium (Pazala) sichuanica ( Koiwaya, 1993)  ( Racheli & Cotton 2009), but is here shown both on molecular and morphological characters to be worthy of separate specific status (stat. rev.). Since the only name applicable to the taxon is a junior homonym and thus unavailable, we hereby propose the new replacement name hoeneanus Cotton & Hu  nom. nov. as the valid taxon name.

Diagnostic characters: Larger than the preceding species, forewing length: male 34.0–41.0 mm (mean = 37.6 ± 1.6 mm, n = 29), female 36.0–38.0 mm (mean = 37.0 ± 0.91 mm, n = 4). Both wings broader, rather whitish, with reduced black markings. Forewing, the 9th black band only reaches space cu2 and is only faintly indicated near the 8th black band, not clearly joining it (a). Hindwing, short submarginal black lines often disconnected from each other (b); the discocellular veins often tinged with black scales on the underside (c).

Distribution: Widely distributed in S. to E. China (i.e., Guangxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang; probably in Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, and Jiangxi).

Phenology: Univoltine. Adults were collected from early April to late May in Zhejiang, E. China (Jian-Qing Zhu, pers. comm.), as well as in Guangdong, S. China (Jia-Lin Chen, pers. comm.).

Host plant: According to Jian-Qing Zhu (pers. comm.), the host plant is Lindera reflexa  of family Lauraceae  in Zhejiang, E. China; while Wang & Gu (2017) recorded Machilus phoenicis  of family Lauraceae in Nanling, S.  China.

Derivatio nominis: The replacement name is dedicated to Hermann Höne, following the intention of Rudolf Mell in his original description of ‘ Papilio tamerlanus hoenei  ’, and is treated as a noun in apposition.

Male genitalia ( Figure 17 View Figure ): In total eight male genitalia were dissected, the general characters are consistent, with the teeth on medial harpe variable. Moderately sclerotised. Ring slightly wavy in the upper half; saccus small; distance between the base of socii 0.84–0.90 mm (mean = 0.89 ± 0.02, n = 8). Valve elongate, oval in general, the dorsal terminal harpe with produced but non-elongate tip (as in sichuanica  ); the dorsal subterminal harpe mediumsized (obviously larger than that in sichuanica  ) and completely isolated; the medial harpe straight, the dorsal projection flat (as in sichuanica  ); a variable number of small teeth (0–2) occur in the middle of the medial harpe.

Female genitalia ( Figure 18 View Figure ): Only two females were available for genitalia dissection, the characters are consistent. Lamella postvaginalis round petal-shaped; lamella antevaginalis broad horizontally, covered with sclerotised wrinkles (as in sichuanica  ); ostial lobe heavily sclerotised, broad at the base and curved upwards into a sharp end in lateral view, while the posterior margin strongly bifurcated into a pair of large spurs deviating away from each other at the base in ventral view (smaller in sichuanica  ).














Graphium (Pazala) hoeneanus Cotton & Hu

Hu, Shao-Ji, Cotton, Adam M., Condamine, Fabien L., Duan, Kuang, Wang, Rong-Jiang, Hsu, Yu-Feng, Zhang, Xin & Cao, Jun 2018


hoeneanus Cotton & Hu

Hu & Cotton & Condamine & Duan & Wang & Hsu & Zhang & Cao 2018


Graphium (Pazala) sichuanica (

Koiwaya 1993


Papilio tamerlanus hoenei

Mell 1935


Papilio agetes hönei

Mell 1923



Reakirt 1864