Keilbachia macripes , Vilkamaa, Pekka, Menzel, Frank & Hippa, Heikki, 2009

Vilkamaa, Pekka, Menzel, Frank & Hippa, Heikki, 2009, Review of the genus Keilbachia Mohrig (Diptera: Sciaridae), with the description of eleven new species, Zootaxa 2272, pp. 1-20: 13-15

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.190981

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Keilbachia macripes

sp. n.

Keilbachia macripes  sp. n.

( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9 A –F)

Type locality: NEPAL: Karnali Prov., Himalaya, Maharigaon.

Material examined: Holotype male. NEPAL: Karnali Prov., Himalaya, Maharigaon [labelled as ‘Maharigaun’], 29 ° 20 ' 24 "N 82 ° 23 ' 21 "E, 3200 m a.s.l., sweep-net, 16.6. 1997, leg. J. Weipert ( SDEI). Paratypes. NEPAL: Karnali Prov., Himalaya, Gothichaur valley,, 29 ° 12 ' 10 "N 82 ° 18 ' 56 "E, 2900–3050 m a.s.l., white water trap, 1 male, 10.6. 1997, leg. J. Weipert ( MZH). Karnali Prov., Himalaya, above Maharigaon, above camp, 29 ° 20 ' 24 "N 82 ° 23 ' 21 "E, 3300–3400 m a.s.l., sweep-net, 1 male, 20.6. 1997, leg. J. Weipert ( SDEI).

Description. Male. Colour. Head, antennae. and thorax brown, coxae andomen and hypopygium paler brown, legs yellowish, wings fumose. Head. Eye bridge 2–3 facets wide. Face (prefrons) with 3–5 setae. Clypeus with 1 seta. Maxillary palpus ( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9 A, B) with 3 palpomeres. Palpomere 1 with 1 seta, the hyaline sensilla in patch on the dorsal surface, no sensory pit. Palpomere 2 smaller than palpomere 1, with 4 setae, palpomere 3 elongated, with 5 setae. Antenna long, flagellomere 4, Fig. 9View FIGURE 9 C, body 3.1–3.7 times as long as wide. Flagellomeral necks long, setae longer than width of flagellomeral bodies. Thorax. Anterior pronotum with 2 setae. Episternum 1 with 6 setae. Wings. Length 2.4–2.5 mm, width/length 0.4. R 1 /R 1.00– 1.10. c/ w 0.70 –0.75. r-m and bM of about equal length or r-m shorter, r-m and bM non-setose. Anal lobe weak. Haltere with long stalk. Legs. Long. Apex of fore tibia, Fig. 9View FIGURE 9 D. Length of fore basitarsomere/length of fore tibia 0.45–0.70. Tibial spurs longer than the apical width of tibiae. Abdomen. Sternite 8 with 7–12 setae.

Hypopygium ( Fig. 9View FIGURE 9 E, F). Tegmen longer than broad, apically narrowed. Aedeagal apodeme long, ca 15 aedeagal teeth. Gonocoxite slightly longer than gonostylus. Gonostylus narrow, mesially slightly impressed, narrowed towards apex, with one large apical megaseta and one (in the left gonostylus of the holotype two, (see Fig. 10View FIGURE 10 E) slender megaseta arising from a very long and slender basal body at the basal fourth of the gonostylus.

Female. Unknown.

Discussion. Keilbachia macripes  resembles the Burmese K. tenuicula Vilkamaa, Komarova & Hippa  and K. mira Vilkamaa, Komarova & Hippa  by having a very long but unmodified basal body of the mesial megaseta, placed at the basal half of the gonostylus. Unlike in these two other species, the megaseta in K. macripes  is about as long as its basal body, not much longer. In addition, the tegmen of K. macripes  is different. Furthermore, K. macripes  is much larger (wing length 2.4–2.5 mm, vs. 1.6 and 1.8 mm).


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