Newportia pelaezi Chamberlin, 1942

Junior, Amazonas Chagas & Shelley, Rowland M., 2003, The centipede genus Newportia Gervais, 1847, in Mexico: description of a new troglomorphic species; redescription of N. sabina Chamberlin, 1942; revival of N. azteca Humbert & Saussure, 1869; and a summary of the fauna (Scolopendromorpha: Scolopocryptopidae: Newportiinae), Zootaxa 379, pp. 1-20 : 16

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.379.1.1


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Newportia pelaezi Chamberlin, 1942


Newportia pelaezi Chamberlin, 1942

Type locality. Nuevo León: Bustamente, Gruta del Palmito (Holotype at NMNH, examined) .

Published records. None.

New records. None.

Remarks. Known only from the type locality, N. pelaezi is the northernmost species in the genus; Chamberlin (1943) reiterated the type locality, and Nicholas (1962) noted that this cave was the only known site. The holotype, a juvenile, has unique, forked, paramedian sulci on tergite 1, but its anatomical characteristics may not be completely developed. Because of this feature, Schileyko & Minelli (1999) retained N. pelaezi as a valid species, as do we. An adult is needed to accurately diagnose this species.


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