Newportia morela Chamberlin, 1943

Junior, Amazonas Chagas & Shelley, Rowland M., 2003, The centipede genus Newportia Gervais, 1847, in Mexico: description of a new troglomorphic species; redescription of N. sabina Chamberlin, 1942; revival of N. azteca Humbert & Saussure, 1869; and a summary of the fauna (Scolopendromorpha: Scolopocryptopidae: Newportiinae), Zootaxa 379, pp. 1-20 : 17-18

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Newportia morela Chamberlin, 1943


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Type locality. Morelos: Tepoxtlan (holotype at NMNH, examined) .

Published records. None.

New records. Tamaulipas: 0.1 mi (0.2 km) from Los San Pedros, Guémez, Cueva de las Quitanueves , 13 April 1982, P. Sprouse ( TMM­1 ) ; 6 mi (9.6 km) NW Gómez Farias, Rancho del Cielo , 3 June 1967, R. W. Mitchell ( TMM­1 ) ; ca. 7 mi (11.2 km) NW Gómez Farias, near Rancho del Cielo, Cueva de la Mina , 24 March 1967, R. W. Mitchell ( TMM­1 ) . San Luis Potosi: ca. 18 mi (28.8 km) E Ciudad del Maíz , 3 September 1969, D. R. Whitehead ( NMNH­1 ) .

Remarks. Newportia morela also occurs in cave and epigean habitats. In the Rancho del Cielo area, Tamaulipas, individuals were found on the surface and in Cueva de la Mina (see map in Reddell & Mitchell, 1971 b, p. 200). Although the type locality is in Morelos, the new samples, from some 220–340 mi (320–544 km) to the north, all keyed out to N. morela in Schileyko and Minneli (1999) and are compatible with the holotype. Either N. morela occupies two disjunct areas, or considerable sampling is needed to document it from the hiatus.


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