Paknia, O., Radchenko, A. & Pfeiffer, M., 2010, New records of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Iran., Asian Myrmecology 3, pp. 29-38: 34

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Stenamma  HNS  sp. ir-talysh-01

Material: 1 $, Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests, Talysh (37°40'44''N, 48°48'27''E), 869 m asl, 7.VII.2008, leg. Omid PakniaGoogleMaps  .

Remarks: Stenamma  HNS  is a small genus, comprising about 50 species distributed mainly in the Holarctic Region, but some of which penetrated into Central America, India and Pakistan (Himalayan region), and Southeast Asia. The highest species richness of this genus occurs in the rather warm and humid deciduous Holarctic forests, many of which can be considered relict habitats. Stenamma  HNS  is also quite speciose in Caucasian and Anatolia forests (Arnoldi 1975; DuBois 1998). This genus is new to Iran.