Hadrurochactas schaumii (Karsch, 1880)

Ythier, Eric, 2018, A synopsis of the scorpion fauna of French Guiana, with description of four new species, ZooKeys 764, pp. 27-90: 52-53

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Hadrurochactas schaumii (Karsch, 1880)


Hadrurochactas schaumii (Karsch, 1880)  Fig. 29


Karsch 1880, Gonzaléz-Sponga 1978, Lourenço 1988b, Fet et al. 2000, Monod and Lourenço 2001, Lourenço 2002a, Stockmann and Ythier 2010, Lourenço 2010.


Downstream from Saut Pararé on Arataye River, Approuague tributary, one male and one female, MNHNRS7389, one female, MNHNRS7390, J.P. Gasc coll., IV/V/1979. Downstream from Saut Pararé on Arataye River, at base of Astrocaryum paramaca  , two females, MNHNRS8509, J.P. Gasc coll., I/1981. Kaw, road to Kaw, Patawa, one female, deposited in the EYPC, EY0026, E. Ythier coll., 30/IX/2005. Cacao, beginning of Molokoi path, one male, deposited in the EYPC, EY0104, E. Ythier coll., 03-10/XI/2006. Mana, Laussat, white sand, leaf litter, pifall, two males, deposited in the MNHN, LA15-0284-12, LA15-0304-18, J. Orivel, M. Fichaux, Jackie & N. Milhomme coll., 01/X/2015. Mana, Laussat, white sand, leaf litter, pitfall, two immatures, deposited in the MNHN, LA15-0151-13, LA15-0223-18, J. Orivel, M. Fichaux, Jackie & N. Milhomme coll., 28/VIII/2015. Saint Eugène Research station, on the Courcibo stream, tributary of Sinnamary River, two males and two females, deposited in the MNHN, J.-C. de Massary leg.


Species of medium size when compared with the average size of the other species of the genus, ranging from 21.1 mm (male) to 26.5 mm (female) in total length. General coloration reddish brown. Carapace reddish with reddish brown spots. Tergites reddish brown with a confluent reddish yellow longitudinal median stripe. Venter and sternites light reddish brown; pectines yellowish. Metasomal segments reddish with brownish spots. Vesicle reddish; aculeus reddish at the base and black at the tip. Chelicerae yellowish without variegated spots over their entire surface, and with only a dark thin zone at the base of the fingers; fingers yellowish with reddish teeth. Pedipalps reddish brown with reticular brownish spots forming longitudinal stripes. Legs with femur, patella and tibia yellowish brown with dark brown spots; tarsal segments yellowish. Carapace densely covered with minute granulation with bigger granules in furrows and smooth areas mainly between the ocular tubercle and lateral eyes. Tergites with minute granulation in male, VII with bigger granules; tergites I-IV smooth and shiny in female. Pectinal tooth count ranging from 10-11 in male and from 8-10 in female. Sternites III/IV smooth and shiny in male, others with minute granulations; all sternites smooth and shiny in female; spiracles small and semi-oval in shape. Metasomal segments very strong in relation to the body; carinae only on dorsal and latero-dorsal sides; ventral side of metasomal segment I-IV in female and I-III in male smooth, the IV with fine granulation in male; segment V with ventral and lateral sides smooth in female and with granules in male. Telson smooth dorsally, granular with spinoid granules on lateral and ventral sides; aculeus weakly curved with a spinoid subaculear tooth. Pedipalp femur smooth in female and with granules on lateral sides in male, with five carinae; patella smooth and shiny, with three carinae; chela smooth and shiny, without granules and carinae; fingers about the same length as chela; fixed and movable fingers with seven rows of linear granules. Legs smooth, without granules and carinae.