Melanagromyza martini Spencer

Eiseman, Charles S. & Lonsdale, Owen, 2019, New State and Host Records for Agromyzidae (Diptera) in the United States, with the Description of Ten New Species, Zootaxa 4661 (1), pp. 1-39: 4

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Melanagromyza martini Spencer


Melanagromyza martini Spencer  

Material examined. IOWA: Winneshiek Co., winter 2015–16, em. 4.v–, J. van der Linden, ex Urtica dioica   , #CSE3774, CNC940109–940111 View Materials   (3³).

Host. Urticaceae   : Urtica dioica L.  

Larval biology. Internal stem borer.

Puparium. Formed within the stem. Linden (2016) reports: “I have torn into several stinging nettle dead stems (not part of the rearing) and found fly pupae inside, especially in the bottom 12” or so of the stalk, where it is very thick.”

Distribution. USA: CA, * IA; Canada: AB, BC, ON, QC, SK ( Shi & Gaimari 2015).

Comments. All adult collection records for this species are from June, suggesting it is univoltine, overwintering as pupae in dead stems.


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