Chlorura intermedia Hartert

LeCroy, Mary, 2013, Type Specimens Of Birds In The American Museum Of Natural History Part 11. Passeriformes: Parulidae, Drepanididae, Vireonidae, Icteridae, Fringillinae, Carduelinae, Estrildidae, And Viduinae, Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2013 (381), pp. 1-155: 109-110

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Chlorura intermedia Hartert


Chlorura intermedia Hartert  

Chlorura intermedia Hartert, 1896a: 558 (Lombok)   .

Now Erythrura hyperythra intermedia (Hartert, 1896)   . See Mayr et al., 1968: 362; White and Bruce, 1986: 420–421; Dickinson, 2003: 733; and Payne, 2010: 346.

LECTOTYPE: AMNH 722006 View Materials , adult male, collected on Lombok Island , 4000 ft, 08.45S, 116.30E ( White and Bruce, 1986: 490), Lesser Sundas, Indonesia, in June 1896, by William Doherty. From the Rothschild Collection. GoogleMaps  

COMMENTS: No type was designated in the original description. Adult and young males were described, and Hartert said that he had nine specimens collected by Doherty and nine collected by Everett on Lombok. Hartert (1919a: 142) listed the type as a male collected on Lombok at 4000 ft, in June 1896, by Doherty , thereby designating it the lectotype. AMNH 722006 View Materials is the only male Doherty specimen collected at 4000 ft and it bears a Rothschild type label. Paralectotypes from Lombok in AMNH are: collected by Doherty in June 1896, AMNH 216416 View Materials , sex?, AMNH 722007–722013 View Materials , four males, three females, from between 1000 and 4000 ft   ; collected by Everett in June and July 1896, AMNH 722005 View Materials , 722014–722016 View Materials , two males, two females. The remaining five Everett paralectotypes were probably exchanged by Rothschild before the collection came to AMNH. AMNH 216416 View Materials was exchanged to AMNH in August 1927, prior to the Rothschild Collection coming to AMNH in 1932. Hartert reported separately on the Doherty (1896a: 555–565) and the Everett (1896c: 591–599) collections from Lombok   .


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Chlorura intermedia Hartert

LeCroy, Mary 2013

Erythrura hyperythra intermedia (Hartert, 1896)

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Chlorura intermedia

Hartert, E. 1896: 558