Nosopsyllus (Nosopsyllus) medus

Keskin, Adem, Hastriter, Michael W. & Beaucournu, Jean-Claude, 2018, Fleas (Siphonaptera) of Turkey: species composition, geographical distribution and host associations, Zootaxa 4420 (2), pp. 211-228: 215

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Nosopsyllus (Nosopsyllus) medus


Nosopsyllus (Nosopsyllus) medus  Jordan, 1938

Type depository. NHM (holotype).

Host. Rodentia— Mus musculus. 

Distribution in Turkey. Erzurum (Hınıs) ( Peus 1978a).

Notes. Nosopsyllus medus  was reported in Turkey under the name Nosopsyllus londiniensis stylifer  , which was described as a new subspecies from Turkey ( Peus 1978a). N. londiniensis stylifer  is a junior synonym of N. medus ( Lewis & Lewis 1990)  .