Skeletocutis yuchengii Miettinen & A. Korhonen

Korhonen, Aku, Seelan, Jaya Seelan Sathiya & Miettinen, Otto, 2018, Cryptic species diversity in polypores: the Skeletocutisnivea species complex, MycoKeys 36, pp. 45-82: 45

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Skeletocutis yuchengii Miettinen & A. Korhonen

sp. nov.

Skeletocutis yuchengii Miettinen & A. Korhonen  sp. nov.


China. Yunnan: Xishuangbanna, Menglun, alt. 640 m, indet. angiosperm wood, 4 Aug 2005 Miettinen 9950 (H 7008660, isotype BJFC, strain FBCC 1132).


Basidiocarps annual; resupinate to half-resupinate; small, up to 2.5 cm wide and 3 mm thick; hard when dry but easy to break apart; pilei nodulous, protruding up to 3 mm; margin blunt; upper surface minutely rough, matted, white to cream coloured when young, turning ochraceous; pore surface cream coloured with yellowish to ochraceous tints; context up to 2.7 mm thick faintly zonate in longitudinal section with fuzzy, ochraceous lines separating layers of growth; tube layer up to 0.3 mm thick; pores 8 –10(– 11) per mm.

Hyphal structure: skeletal hyphae in context / subiculum 1.0 –2.9(– 3.8) µm wide, in trama (2.0 –)3.0–4.0(– 5.1) µm wide, generative hyphae in trama 1.0 –2.0(– 2.2) µm wide.

Basidiospores (2.7 –)2.8–3.1(–3.2)×(0.4–)0.5– 0.7 µm, L=2.96 µm. W=0.59 µm, Q’=(4.0–)4.1–6.0(– 7.2), Q=4.99, n=90/3.

Distribution and ecology.

The species is known from three specimens from Yunnan, China, collected from twigs of unidentified woody angiosperm.


In honour of the Chinese polypore researcher, Prof. Yu-Cheng Dai.

Specimens examined.

CHINA. Yunnan: (holotype, see above); Xishuangbanna Biosphere Reserve, alt. 700 m, indet. angiosperm wood (dead standing tree), 9 Aug 2005 Miettinen 10150.2 (H); Xishuang Banna Primeval Forest Park, indet. angiosperm wood (fallen branch), 16 Aug 2005 Miettinen 10366.1 (H).

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