Bactrocera (Zeugodacus) semongokensis Drew & Romig

David, K. J., Ramani, S., Whitmore, Daniel & Ranganath, H. R., 2016, Two new species and a new record of Bactrocera Macquart (Diptera: Tephritidae: Dacinae: Dacini) from India, Zootaxa 4103 (1), pp. 25-34: 32-33

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Bactrocera (Zeugodacus) semongokensis Drew & Romig


Bactrocera (Zeugodacus) semongokensis Drew & Romig 

Bactrocera (Zeugodacus) semongokensis Drew & Romig, 2013: 344  . Holotype male in BMNH.

Material examined. 1 ♂, INDIA, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andaman Islands, South Andamans, Chouldari, Bloomsdale, 8.iii. 2012, N 11 ° 37.988; E 92 ° 39.22, Coll. David, K. J.; 1 ♂, INDIA, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Neil Island, Lakshmanpur, N 11 ° 37.988; E 92 °39.226, 6.iii. 2012, Coll. David, K. J., attracted to cue lure ( NBAIR).

Diagnosis. This species has been adequately described by Drew & Romig (2013) except for some additional genitalia characters. Face with broad black band across oral margin, broken in the centre ( Fig. 31View FIGURES 31 – 39), scutum dark brown to black with yellow medial and lateral postsutural vittae ( Fig. 32View FIGURES 31 – 39); anepisternal stripe broad and reaching anterior notopleural seta ( Fig. 33View FIGURES 31 – 39), all femora with apical fuscous markings ( Fig. 35View FIGURES 31 – 39), abdomen with a narrow black transverse band on tergite III but devoid of a dark longitudinal medial vitta ( Fig. 34View FIGURES 31 – 39), wing with costal band confluent with R 2 + 3, slightly expanded beyond R 1 ( Fig. 36View FIGURES 31 – 39). The male genitalia of B. semongokensis  were examined: epandrium slightly shorter than lateral surstylus ( Fig. 37View FIGURES 31 – 39); posterior lobe of surstylus longer than anterior lobe; medial surstylus as long as lateral surstylus ( Fig. 38View FIGURES 31 – 39), aedeagus sclerotised with well developed patterned acrophallus, praeputium, trumpet-shaped basal lobe and short subapical lobe ( Fig. 39View FIGURES 31 – 39). This species is known only from males. Described from East Malaysia ( Sarawak and Sabah), it is recorded here for the first time from India (Andaman and Nicobar Islands).














Bactrocera (Zeugodacus) semongokensis Drew & Romig

David, K. J., Ramani, S., Whitmore, Daniel & Ranganath, H. R. 2016

Bactrocera (Zeugodacus) semongokensis

Drew 2013: 344